Saturday, January 22, 2011

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION..Would you like to learn what your pet is thinking/feeling!!


Today Harley and I spent a very interesting 20 minutes with Animal Communicator, Rebecca Moravec at The End of Leash pet store in Mukwonago, WI., where I live.

Rebecca was holding 20 minute sessions for pet owners who would like to learn about what their pets were thinking and ask questions of their pets.  Since I truly believe that all living creatures can be communicated with, I decided to spend the $50.00 and take my buddy, Harley  to see what Rebecca could tell me.

Harley always gets very excited when visiting any pet store, as he likes to check out the  "goodies' offered, and also to see the other dogs that might be in the store.

We arrived about 10 minutes early for our appointment, so I ended up buying Harley a couple of chew toys to keep him settled down.

Rebecca first tunes into your pet and sees what messages that they might have for you.  Here is what she picked up from Harley.

-  He is happy I share my food with him.
-  He doesn't mind having to put a doggie coat on, but only when it is really cold.
-  He is happy that I am home with him almost all the time.  (There was no way Rebecca could know that this is the case!)
- He really LOVES riding in the car!!
- He loves being up on on things so he can see around.  (I noticed this about him as he will jump up on park benches, my flower pots on the patio, the box where I keep the bird seed on the porch, and he LOVES sitting on my lap when in the car!)
- He really loves and is attached to me.
- Would rather walk where there are big trees and grass instead of along the sidewalk path. (This is funny as I usually take him walking on a cement path along several parkways)  I've had him only a couple of times in a park with a lot of big trees.
- He was attached to one of his sister, littermates, and was wondering where she was.
 (When Rebecca conveyed to Harley that all his brothers and sisters were in good homes, he said he was happy to hear they found good humans also)
Rebecca than asked me what questions I had for Harley:

- I asked him what he was seeing and barking at in my house at several different instances when there wasn't anything to "see or hear" , that I could tell.  When Harley did this unusual barking, he would be either staring at the chair where my husband always sat or another area where he would have been a lot in the house.

Rebecca told me he is seeing a "positive energy or ghost" that visits once in a while.  (This was before I told her that my husband had passed away just this past October 2nd.)

She asked me if I would like her to get rid of it, but I told her that my husband had passed away in October, 2010, and to see if that was him visiting!  She said yes it was, and that he was just stopping in to check up on me.  She said she told Harley that this entity was OK, and who it was. Harley's answer to that was, "I know he told me"!

You can believe or not, but it makes sense to me that any of God's creations should be able to communicate!  We as humans have a tendency to close off these senses we were born with. Communicating with your pet can bring all kinds of good results from behavior problems, to letting them know if big changes coming in your/their lives, etc.

To learn more about Rebecca and her Anmal Communication and other classes, visit her website by clicking on the link below:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

VALENTINE DAY GIFT IDEAS....Give a bit of magic!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011


(Guess who thinks he's king of the  house!)