Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HARLEY in the first snow!

My buddy, Harley, in his new coat...enjoying the first snow!

While I wasn't exactly thrilled to see the first snow of the season, Harley sure was!!  He was trying to catch it in his mouth and went wild running around in the little bit we had so far! 

Now if he could do some shoveling that would be great!  Guess I will see the joy in snow through his antics in it.

He does have a "thing" about sitting on top of things!

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Nadya said...

Oh what a CUTIE!! :)


Yes, he is!! And I think he knows it! lol!!

Yael said...

What a sweet lovely little fellow! So good he brings happiness into your life Donna!


Thanks, for stopping by Yael and leaving a comment. He IS a lot of fun!