Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Artist's Review of the 25th Annual Firefly Art Fair - Wauwatosa, WI

25th Annual Firefly Art Fair

This past weekend, August 6 & 7th I exhibited at one of my all time favorite art shows, the 25th Annual Firefly Art Fair sponsored by the Wauwatosa Historical Society in Wauwatosa, WI.

This was the first art show I've done this season and was looking forward to seeing how the economy would have its effect on this particular show.  I've done this show for 14 years and it has always been a top selling show for me.

Below you will see photos, which I took on Saturday during the show.  They are a sad commentary on how art shows have declined over the past several years.  Saturday, at the Firefly, which was always crowded with art goers and "buyers", was down to almost no people attending, which made for hardly any "buyers".

This is a shot from my booth down the isle!!  This was about an hour after the show opened at 10 a.m.!!

Tables set up in the Victorian garden where people can sit and eat their food.  This area is normally crowded with "eating" customers.  Not this weekend!!

The Silient Auction area at one point on Saturday.  There were a lot of great art to bid on, donated from the artists.  Where are all the people!

Other years, people are normally lined up to get into this show.  This is a view of one of the entrances near my booth.  The entrance fee was raised to $4.00 this year from $3.00 in previous years.

This group was part of the entertainment at the show.  They were having a good time singing old time songs!

This is a fun couple we met at various art shows and they always have a great sense of humor!  Beautiful carvings on gourds is their medium!  This is what makes doing shows fun......when you reconnect with other artists which you have met over the years.

OK, here I am....still smiling, even though my sales were down from previous years over $1,300!  Iconsider myself very fortunate in not having to depend on art sales to live!  There were other artists at the show that didn't sell anything or next to nothing.  My sister and I always have a good time and "laughs" no matter what the show is like.  It is always fun to meet and talk to new people and visit with previous customers and artists.

My sister, Dianne!  Can't imagine doing a show without her!  She is so good at displaying my art.  In the past I usually always had at least 80 - to 100 creations to sell, but this year I only started with 22 figures and my fiber jewelry.  Since my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer last May and passed away in October, 2010, I didn't have the time to spend all the hours I used to in creating.  I truly believe that everything works out the way it is supposed to and that there is a purpose to everything that happens in life. If there were a lot more buyers at the show this year, I could have run out of inventory!!  

The key is to keep on smiling and laugh a lot!!

The FIRELY is still my favorite show, so we shall see what next year brings!  My next show will be the Waukesha Art Fest on September 10, 2011, in historic downtown Waukesha.  If you live in the area.....stop by for a visit!