Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AN ANGEL STORY - "NEVER ALONE" submitted by Kim

WELCOME....to DZFANTASY'S "ANGEL STORIES" FEATURE! It is my hope that many more people will be willing to share their stories and experiences out here!

May you enjoy reading the very first story/experience that was so kindly submitted by Kim.


by Kim

Many years ago, I was in a difficult situation and wasn't sure how to find my way out. One day, in despair, I was crying in the shower where my young children wouldn't hear me. At the same time, I began to pray to God, and my Grandpa for help. My Grandpa had passed away a few short years before, and I loved him dearly and always felt him near.

After I showered, I was lying on my bed covered in my towel, with my towel turbon on my head. There were big wooden beams going across the ceiling as this was a loft bedroom. On the beams were a few decorations. One of them being a plaque that had the famous "Footprints" poem on it.

Well, it was early June and a calm sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. All of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew open the skylight causing me to sit up in surprise. At the same time, the plaque somehow came off its nail and landed in my lap.

I just know that was my grandpa with a mighty blow causing that skylight to open and that plaque to land in my lap.

The next day, I made some difficult decisions and changes, and escaped the situation I was in. I had the strength because I knew I was not going to be alonge during the rough times ahead.

When I went to my grandpa's funeral, there was a tradition at his church that the pastor blew out a white candle at the end of his eulogy. Well, the candle was completely out, and then suddenly it flickered back to life. It was eerie and I knew it was his way of letting us know he was still around. He had suffered illness and pain for most of his life from an accident. I feel he felt free of the physical pain in life and therefore, he is really strong in spirit.

Thanks, Kim for sharing this experience with us. I also truly believe that if we leave our "hearts and minds" open we will recognize when we are being helped and guided.

Since Kim was the very first person to share a story, Kim will be receiving the angel below as her "special angel". She had told me she really loved this one which was on my site, so I decided to see if she wanted this one instead of creating her another one like it.

If you have a story or experience you'd like to share please feel free to contact me at: dzfairies@msn.com with the heading of ANGEL STORY in the subject line.

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belinha said...

Hi again!Thank you for your words!It's true.I never felt as a lucky person.All things come to me with effort and work and not by chance!!!Since I was a child I entered many contests drawing and writing.I won several prizes but I never considered that as luck.I was good, at leats I was better than others that also entered those contests.I allways entered each contest without great expectations.And every time I won one I was happy for the outcome.But when ever I did not make it I never felt sad about it.I consider it normal.But when it's a random contest thing based on luck - a "sorteio" as we say here - I feel at start like I never have a chance.So usually I did not even try to enter those contests!!!!It has been like this all the way.And it's true: usually I get nothing!!!Anyway I think it's excellent of you to give a doll every month.And I also read the Angel story and I hink you must be a wonderfull person to be creating an special fabric angel for a person.I do not have any good story to tell you about.But I remembered that when I got (suddenly)unemployed 3 years ago there was this lady that allowed me to sell some paitings in her very chic shop.She was kind of an angel at that time as she knew me from knowwhere.I walked in and asked her and told her about my situation.I sold all of it.Then she closed the shop.She is not very young.I must send her a card this Xtmas.She's very beautifull, dark hair, blue eyes, and she speaks brazilian portuguese as she was born in Brazil.In times of need we find that strangers sometimes do a lot more than our close friends.That was kind of a discover to me.Wel, she had a little of an angel in her I guess!

The Muse said...

Wonderful! Wonderful~!!!!!
I believe her angel was with her this time too...I am so happy for her!