Saturday, May 31, 2008

FANTASY....Imaginable Possibilities!

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a delightful artist who was looking for a special fairy to come live in one of her newly designed "Fairy Nesting Sconce" homes. Lashell of DESIGNTALENTEDONE, on Etsy, has designed some lovely "fairy homes", and I thought it would be fun to have her tell us how she came upon this idea. I designed the cream colored Victorian style fairy, for Lashell after she sent me photos of her "fairy nesting" sconces.

Read below to hear Lashell share her thoughts (in her own words), on fairies, her "fairy nesting sconces", and what motivated her to create them.

Where do fairies come from?

Folklorists, philosophers, historians, mystics and others have debated this question for centuries. No one really knows how fairies originated — unless it's the fairies themselves, and they're not telling. What we do know is that tales of the fairies can be found on every continent around the globe, and that belief in the existence of the "Hidden People" is surprisingly widespread today.

What are faeries?

Faeries are a race of small magical beings. They are usually invisible to most of us, but many mortals do have the gift to see them. Faeries have many human qualities: They have skills and talents; they have friends and family; they love and have desires.

Where do fairies live?

They live all over the world. They like to live where there is little human activity, like in a park or a forest. Some faeries live underground, in hills or in the mounds of rock, like the faeries of the Shee in Scotland. Some faeries, like dryads, live in trees, while others have taken to the sea in the form of mermaids or merrows, which are sea spirits. Cloud faeries appear as huge beings in the sky and are the creators of imagination. Flower faeries are gentle spirits of the earth and live among the flowers and near the bottom of trees. Butterfly faeries look just like butterflies and live with the flower faeries.

This my friends is how I began to think about a fairy home, how they must live.... they are tiny, they need a small hiding place, thus came my idea for the FAIRY NESTING SCONCE HOME. Victorian style with lots of flower petals, as I like to see fairies in a Victorian style display. A fairy sitting out in the open with no hiding place is endangered to getting lost, or perhaps squished, crushed, or god forbid, taken by a pet! We must protect them, we must house these little creatures, and let them have our love and safe keeping.

My fairy now hangs on the wall in my sconce, safe from kitty, from being lost or misplaced. My fairy is so special, and made by DZFANTASY, and she rests so safe in her fairy home nesting sconce made by DESIGNTALENTEDONE, until I take her down, and hold her and admire her again and again! I even have her close to my computer to look up at her every day. I am a day dreamer, creator, and I actually can bring my thoughts into play by my hands as I put things together to form something beautiful and so can DZFANTASY for her beautiful work is to be admired.

I find Lashell to be so delightful with her enthusiasm and zest for her newly designed creations! Below you will see a photo of the fairy I created for Lashell, and also the different styles of her "fairy nesting sconces". If you would like a "special" fairy designed to go with one of Lashell's homes, I'd be happy to work with you regarding colors and styles. Lashell has several different styles of "homes".....some are designed to hang on the wall, while others may be displayed on a table. See her displayed below in a blue and rose colored sconce.

This is the fairy I designed for the "fairy nesting sconce". She is 6.5" tall, and her arms may be moved up or down a bit, as they have inner wire armatures. Her face is 100% silk, which I individually hand-drew, needle-sculpted, and hand-painted. She has sparkly Italian yarn for her hairdo, and her accents are Swarovski crystals, and a silk flower in her hair. You can see how she looks so happy in her new home!

This photo will give you an idea of the size of the opening in the "fairy nesting sconce". You could also have a sitting style fairy displayed in either the wall style sconce or the standing style. The fairy would be approximately 3.5" tall in her sitting position.

Both DESIGNTALENTEDONE and DZFANTASY would be happy to provide you with a delightful home for a enchanting fairy. If you are interested in learning more about DESIGNTALENTEDONE'S "Fairy Nesting Homes", be sure to visit Lashell's Etsy shop by clicking on the link below:

If you'd like to discuss the possibilities of creating your own "special" fairy, please feel free to contact me at my Etsy shop: DZFANTASY or via my YOUNG AT HEART web page.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Here is what you need to do to enter the drawing:
1. Leave a COMMENT in this post.
2. Either leave your email in your COMMENT or you may email me your contact info by sending it to me at
NOTE: All names will be entered into the drawing by taking the name's from the posted comments...SO BE SURE TO FOLLOW STEPS 1. and 2. above.
WINNER'S name will be randomly drawn on July 1st. A new giveaway creation will be posted out here JULY 1st, so be sure to stop back!

Here's was a sneak preview of the beginnings of the FREE GIVE-A-WAY gift for JUNE out here on my DZFANTASY blog! She is going to be one of my original designed 6.5" tall wall style fairies. Her body/wing fabric is one of Laurel Burch's whimsical designs. I'm thinking that this yarn will make her a beautiful, fluffy hairdo. Since I LOVE the sparkle of Swarovski crystals, I'm sure she will have some of those in her accents!! Be sure to stop back and see her when she is finished, and leave a comment in her post. A winner's name will be randomly drawn at the end of June.

Above you will see how this little fairy started out....NOW HERE SHE IS ALL FINISHED FOR JUNE'S FREE GIVEAWAY DRAWING!

This colorful little fairy is the smallest of my wall style creations. She measures 6.5" tall from the tip of her toes to the tip of her wings. Her face is 100% silk, which I hand-drew, needle-sculpted, and hand-painted. Her arms and wings have inner wire armatures so that you may bend them a bit.. She is designed to hang on the wall, or to dangle from a bit of ribbon or clear fishing line. There is a loop on the back of her neck for this purpose. Her body wing fabric is one of Laurel Burch's whimsical designs. She is accented with Swarovski crystals, and colorful glass seed beads. Her hairdo was designed from a wonderful Italian designer yarn, with a texture of wisps and colorful loops.

This tiny fairy is NOT suitable for children to play is great however, to decorate their rooms. There are too many tiny accents on the fairy to be safe for children under age 8.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


WELCOME, Nancy of Bag Ladies, Too, as she tells us in her own words, what inspires her, how she got started in designing and creating her wonderful, colorful, one-of-a-kind bags. I just LOVE the one in the photo here! It is not only colorful on the outside, but on the inside also. (see it in her shop) I really can relate to her thoughts on "one can never have enough fabric"!!
Those are my feelings also. Even though, I also have mounds of fabric in my stash!!

What led you to start creating your art?

I have always loved to sew and was in fact making custom lingerie before I began making handbags. I also made some gowns for some of the pageants in my area. And one day when I was looking for a bag to go with a certain outfit and couldn't find one I thought "hey, I could make one." I ended up loving it and so did everyone else that saw it. So many of my friends told me they were tired of seeing the same bag on everyone's arm and the knockoff's that were crowding all the stores. So my Mom and I talked about it and decided with all the different fabrics out there, all the different and exciting trims and colors you could really make tons of bags and probably never make the same one twice. My Mom has been wanting to open a boutique so we took the bags along with her wearable art and jewelry and Bag Ladies, too was born. And then we found Etsy. I love Etsy!

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

I found I was a fabric fanatic around 25 years ago when I made a few pillows for my couch. I now admit I have an illness. I can stand up in a room and admit I have an obsession. I love lace and texture. I love colors and patterns. I love silks and satins and the way it slides through your hands. I love the way new fabric smells. It's crazy. I have tons and tons of fabric. This is no joke, and the people out there who have the same sickness can back me up on this. I am talking yards upon yards upon yards of fabric. I have enough to make plenty of bags. But I cannot walk into a fabric store or peruse the Internet shops and not buy a few more yards. I am the person who goes to the store for 2 yards and because there is a sale that says for an extra few dollars you can get 3 more yards........well guess how much I got? I am thinking of starting a group for all of us!

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?

I love to put fabrics together. finding the combination that makes the bag look incredible. Then putting the right beads or the perfect eyelash trim in just the right place. The process of getting there. Putting on the TV so I have some background noise. I never watch it but it keeps me company. And sometimes blasting the stereo.....Queen, Lynard Skynard, Led Zeppelin, Mozart or Bocelli. Then pulling out whatever color scheme hits me and going to work. I get lost in it. Sometimes I look up and hours have passed.

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?

My bags are One of a Kind. I will never make two alike. So my message is to be you. find what you like, what really turns you on. Don't get it because everyone else has one. No matter what it is....a shirt, pants, handbag, car....whatever. I was the Mom who let my daughter express her style from the time she could dress herself. She used to put all kinds of combinations on. And that was okay with me. It made her feel good. And today she has great style at the young age of 12. We look at magazines and go in stores and she really puts together great stuff. And my Mom is the same way. She has incredible style. Buy the things that call out to you. The things that you fall in love with the minute you see them. You wear clothing pretty much 24/7. Be comfortable!

What advice do you have for other artists?

I know it may sound cheesy and everyone that is asked this question says the same thing. Don't Give Up!!!!! It takes a while to get going. Just remember art is what you say it is. I had a teacher that told my daughter that pigs were pink. Well hers was green. The fact is pigs are not all pink and even though a real pig might not be born green they can be green. It was her picture, her pig. And don't copy anyone. Make your, bags, soap, whatever you do, yours. There are only so many styles and shapes of bags. But there are hundreds if not thousands of fabrics and combinations and trims out there. Make a name for yourself. And make customer service the most important thing in your shop. Take the time to write a nice note with your feedback. It doesn't have to be a novel....just a short nice little thanks. Pack your items with care and add that extra touch no matter what it is. And if you say you are going to do something make sure you follow through. It makes your customers want to come back.

Thanks, Nancy, for a delightful interview! Be sure to visit Nancy's Etsy shop, and also her blog.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FEATURED ARTIST - Lily of BITS & BOBS - Steampunk Jewelry

I happened to meet Lily when running a post for Etsy artists who would like to have their mini on my DZFANTASY blog. I was very intrigued with her unique jewelry, and thought it would be great to have her out here as one of my "featured artists".......SO WELCOME, Lily of BITS & BOBS - Steampunk Jewelry.

I am a mom of two wonderful daughters, one of whom is home schooled. I specialise in one of a kind steampunk and dieselpunk jewelry, but you'll find I simply like pretty, shiny things (don't we all?).

What led you to start creating your art?

I've always liked making things and dabbled in various craft forms since childhood. I've also always been attracted to fantasy and alternate universes, steampunk is a perfect fit for me. What really brought it home was the first time I looked at a broken bit of clock and saw something else entirely.

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

I can't sew or draw, so anything I create has to be has to be more a building thing. Steampunk as a genre is very clockwork and cogwheels, brass, glass, and steam. This works well for me as I have an affinty for metal. The Victorian element lets me add pretty things simply for the visual effect, thus filling my need for sparkly bits.

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?

Wrecking things. *grin* Seriously, I have to take things apart to make my pieces. I often corrode or oxidized things and work to keep rust, not eliminate it. Ironically, wrecking something correctly can be tough. I also enjoy the hunt for components. I find things in the oddest places - junk shops, salvage yards, garages. My father in law's basement is a dream come true in worn out, vintage hardware. I'm just glad I'm current with my tetanus shots!

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?

Look beyond what you see to what could be. I got into a LOT of trouble as a kid and was told countless times that I would amount to nothing. Many people look at my components the same way. Thing is, you just never know. In the right setting, things shine in ways that will surprise.

What advice do you have for other artists?

Learn something new every day. Scare yourself half to death once a day. Cut yourself some slack several times a day.

Thanks a lot, Lily for giving us an insight into your wonderful work! You have a good "eye" for creating! To see more of Lily's work, be sure to visit her Etsy shop by clicking on the link below. To go directly to one of her pieces shown below, just click on the photo.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Remember When You Believed in the TOOTH FAIRY?

I thought I'd share this delightful poem written by, Margaret, a lovely lady, who had happened to find my YOUNG AT HEART web page. We became internet friends, and she has written me some lovely poems, which I have out on my web page.

She wrote this poem, when she found out that I had created this "special order" tooth fairy for a young girl who had written a really sweet letter to the tooth fairy. The girl's grandma decided she needed to have a little tooth fairy and here she is!

If you have a little someone who believes in the "tooth fairy", and would like a special fairy designed, I'd be happy to work with you in your choice of colors. Free samples available. Margaret kindly offered to let me send a copy of her poem to anyone who would like it, along with the fairy.

The Tooth Fairy
A small, colorful tooth fairy
On a magical flight
Drops in on sleeping children
With lost teeth in the night,
She flies through their windows,
To set down on their beds,
She collects teeth
Beneath pillows under their heads,
They go into a fairy tooth bag
Carried in her hand
To be whisked skyward
To her home in Tooth Fairyland,
Where they will shine like pearls
In a fairy gift shop.
She leaves behind coins or trinkets,
A delightful swap!
By Margaret Fodor Butcher 3/21/08

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I've always loved pottery, and am happy to bring you the works of artists Carla and Jen of CRACKPOTS.

Here is one of Jen's favorite pieces on the left. I love the colors and earthy tones of this piece! Hear how Carla and Jen got started, and what they have to say about their work.

CrAcKpOtS started in the fall of 2007, when Carla and Jen decided to take a pottery class together. We loved it so much we just kept making things! Now we've taken more classes and have too make things and we want to share the crackpot love. All of our pieces are hand thrown or built, which means we don't use molds. Every piece is unique based on the nature of the craft and our style. Some times the clay has a mind of it's own. Our goal is to make functional pieces that are at the same time unique and decorative. All of our pieces are made in Des Moines, Iowa. They are hand thrown and fired up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. That means they are food safe, oven safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Although not impossible to break, they are strong and resilient. Once a piece has been fired to these temperatures it takes a very very long time to decompose. That's why pottery is some of the best artifacts we have.

What led you to start creating your art?
I was not a good art student as a child, it was one area where I couldn't succeed. I avoided it in high school, but got talked into a ceramics class in college. Although in the beginning I didn't let the creative juice flow, I found myself throwing pieces in my head when I was trying to fall asleep and I figured I was on to something.

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?
Kind of by accident, but I figured ceramics was something I hadn't totally failed at yet, so why not give it a try? I had a friend that was really into pottery and told me I should just try it, it was only 1 semester.

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?
Clay has a mind of it's own. There's been times I have had 7lbs of clay ready to make a huge platter, and I end up with a 3 inch bud vase because the clay did not want to be a platter. There are so many variables and aspects to pottery, the throwing, firing, glazing. Things can go wrong in every aspect, but it makes it all the more amazing when it comes out beautifully.

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?
I want my pottery to be useful, I want it to be the coffee cup you use everyday. I want it to feel special and unique. I want it to be accessible to all, I don't ever want it to feel snotty or elitist.

What advice do you have for other artists?
Stay true to your style. There's so much more joy in creating something that's completely yours than in copying the ideas of others. You may not be able to make a living off your work, but it will help you in living.

VERY WELL SAID!! Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts! Be sure to visit CRACKPOTS to see all the great pottery out there!

Friday, May 23, 2008



Here in Lindsee's own words you will hear what she has to say about her art and what inspires her.

I love to create things. My interests are music, painting, interior design, refinishing furniture, knitting, cross-stitching, photography (not that I am very good at it, but I appreciate it), antiques- something I have inherited from my mother, and anything vintage. I love making old things new again.

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

It's hard for me to pick a specific medium. I dable in a lot of different things. I am always trying new mediums, which makes my house ”cluttery” because I have so much supplies and things.

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?
The process. It's therapy. Knitting relaxes me, painting makes me feel like I am forgetting what's around me and I am focused on one thing, making my flowers makes me feel happy, and making baby stuff makes me want one.

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?

I want people to surround themselves with things they love. I am like that. My environment means a lot to me. Hopefully the things I create can help people achieve that.

What advice do you have for other artists?
Try to not get discouraged if you feel no one is noticing you or your work. Do it for yourself. If you love it, then it is good.

THANKS, LINDSEE for taking the time to share your thoughts and creations with everyone. Be sure to visit Lindsee's Etsy shop to see what she has to offer.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


3580 N. Lake DriveShorewood, Wisconsin

Open to the PublicSaturday, May 31, through Sunday, June 15
HoursMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Thursday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.Sunday Noon to 4 p.m.Last admission begins 30 minutes before closing.

To find out more about this 2008 Breast Cancer Showhouse, the organization and all their fundraising events be sure to visit their web site by clicking on the link below. If you or anyone you love has been touched by this disease, you know how important it is to help support the cause of raising money for research!!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


WELCOME MELANIE, and her unique jewelry. Each time I feature an artist, I always ask them to send me a photo of their favorite piece of work. The photo on the right is Melanie's favorite. I love the simple elegance in her designs. Read below to find out more about Melanie, her art, and how she got started.

I am a high school librarian by profession, and a glass and jewelry artist. I taught high school English for 7 years, before going back to graduate school for my library degree, and have worked in the library for the past 5 years. My great loves besides jewelry and glass, are books. Since making the professional move from the classroom to the library, I have been taking more classes in glass and in the last year and a half have added metalwork to my repertoire. You can see my gallery by clicking on this link: MELANIE'S GALLERY . My work has recently been accepted for publication by Bead & Button magazine; I have sold work to the Frist Museum Gift Shop and currently have work for sale at HodgePodge Boutique in Clarksville.

What led you to start creating your art?

I had been looking for a gift for a good friend and just couldn't find what I want, so I decided that I needed to learn to create it myself.

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

I consistently bought lampwork beads are art shows, and decided to take a class in glasswork... then I took another class in metals. Those have become my main focus.

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?

I love torchwork and hammering metal- those have got to be my favorites.

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?

I just appreciate beauty and simplicity. I love the elements of the natural world, and try to reflect it in my work.

What advice do you have for other artists?

Work hard, try to take classes from accomplished artists, they are really helpful.

THANKS, Melanie for sharing your work and ideas with us. Be sure to visit Melanie's Etsy shop to see more of her work!


I happened to be out in the Etsy forums today and ran across a post by Beth. My curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to visit her Etsy Shop, where I was absolutely delighted with her jewelry. I will let Beth tell you in her own words what inspires her to create.

I am a Silversmith and Jewelry Artist from Marquette, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. Much of my jewelry is inspired by my surroundings, including the shorelines of Lake Superior.The circle is representational of my outlook on life; I believe that the end of one thing is the beginning of the next. I am using bird imagery in many pieces, inspired by a robin’s nest, which was outside of my window this past spring. I photographed the cycle from egg to bird, which gives me a source of ideas for designing bird-themed pieces. I feel as though there are many cycles in life that the circle is representational of, such as the life cycle of a bird. Once the bird dies, it decomposes and creates dirt, then an earthworm eats the dirt, a bird then eats the earthworm; thus creating a circular pattern in the life cycle.

Alexander Calder is one of the famous metalworkers whose work inspires me. His geometric shapes and moving components are elements that I incorporate into my work. I also strive to create pieces with components that have actual symmetry or a sense of symmetry. M.C. Escher’s use of tessellation patterns is influential to my work in that regard.I use sterling silver, brass, copper, gemstones and materials that are native to the area I live in to create my jewelry. Some of the local materials I have used in my pieces are found on the shoreline of Lake Superior, including agates, rounded pebbles, and beach glass.

I have always created art since I was a child. I remember saying that I wanted to grow up to be an artist.

I loved to paint throughout high school, and upon taking a jewelry class at Northern Michigan University, I realized that metal was a really fun medium to work with! I graduated this May with a BFA in Metalsmithing from NMU. I really love all kinds of mediums, so I may get back into painting at some point in the future.

I really enjoy the part of making my jewelry when time passes and I don't even notice. I love the meditative state of creating art.

My current bodies of work were developed along with my senior exhibition at NMU. This is my Artist Statement: "‘The Birds and the Bees’ series was inspired by a robin’s nest, which was outside of my window last spring. I am interested in the circular patterns of reproduction and existence that emerge daily in nature.

The ‘Caffeinated’ series was influenced by my strong connection to coffee houses. One of my first jobs was a barista serving specialty coffees and baked goods. Upon moving to the Marquette area, I found Dead River Coffee to be a great social scene allowing me to meet and develop long lasting relationships with individuals from the community.

The ‘Habitation‘ series is representative of my desire to live in a home in the woods, with a community of people. Also, many of my companions are homebuilders and green builders, which has inspired this series of jewelry.

Reusing materials is very important to me. Many of my pieces are made by melting and casting scrap precious metal into new pieces. Some of the sources of reused metal are from old sterling silverware, damaged jewelry and salvaged copper electrical wire."

Not all of the pieces from these three series' are in my Etsy shop, but hopefully they will be soon! You can see my entire senior exhibition here: SENIOR EXHIBITION

I would suggest for other artists to follow their dream, but realize that it will probably be the hardest they have ever worked. As with any occupation there are ups and downs and preparing for the unexpected can be difficult. Finding a target audience for your creative endeavors is important and self confidence is the key to selling your art!

BETH, thanks for sharing your art and thoughts with us! I'm sure you will go far with your art! To visit Beth's Etsy shop, and other links to her art, see below:


Sunday, May 18, 2008


I'm so excited to have just finished the special fairy I have been designing for the Wisconsin Breat Cancer Showhouse in Milwaukee WI. All funds that are received from their silient auction go towards supporting cancer research at the Medical College of Wisconin. She will be showcased on June 13th in their "Luck of the Irish" party silient auction. There are several other posts out here showing the steps to her creation.

She comes laying, on her very own silk leaf, which I hand-painted using silk fabric dyes.

She is holding a tiny little fabric butterfly!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Welcome, Alex Whatton, and hear what Alex has to say about herself and her art. I always enjoy hearing in their own words, what each artist has to say about their art, what they enjoy in life, and/or how they got started creating. Introduce yourself, Alex...

I am a 23-year-old UConn graduate with a bachelor's of art degree in Psychology (concentration: ethology) and a creative and administrative background. I grew-up in Connecticut and I am currently making the move to Northern New Jersey with my husband. I love spontaneity, creating, kayaking, dancing, writing, hiking, capoeira, singing, being green, volunteering with animals, working with my hands, planning, crafting, cycling, playing violin and guitar, and organizing!

What led you to start creating your art?

My mother opened her own art school through our town when I was growing-up. I didn't have day care, I had art classes. Throughout the years I have taken classes in many different mediums and under many different instructors and I have never figured out which one is my favorite. All I know is that I love to create and I love LOTS of color!

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

I still haven't really decided, but I suppose I use markers because of their immediacy and permanancy...and definitely because of their portability. I love acrylics because they dry so quickly that I sort of view it as a challenge.

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?

Putting my energy, that I am feeling at that moment on to the paper. I love feeling emotion when I look at art and that is what I strive to do with my own.

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?

Be yourself...really, that's it. You can't get by, living your life as someone else.

What advice do you have for other artists?

Don't be afraid of your art. Be proud of what you do and put a little bit of yourself (or all of yourself) into each piece. If you are proud of your work - other people will feel it. It will make them want to be a part of it, too...or at least to buy it and hang it on their walls!

Alex, thanks for sharing your thoughts and art with everyone! Be sure to visit Alex's Etsy shop to see more of her colorful work! You can also visit Alex's blog by clicking on the link below.



One of the questions I get asked the most from people coming into my booth at art shows is....How did you get started making your creations? Well, that question is asked about as much as the long does it take you to create one of these. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to show some of my older pieces of work, and the style I was designing back about 8 years ago. I only have several of these left sitting around my home. Here in the first photo you will see that I was designing and creating more of a "doll" like figure. This particular doll, was about 18 inches tall. I designed the head as part of the body, and the legs were long and bendable at the knees. You could pose this style in all sorts of postions. At that time, I was only hand-painting the faces. I designed all their clothes, jewelry, and purses. Here is a closer view of this little lady.

I hand-made her purse, and hand-dyed it. I still incorporate a lot of hand-dyed fabrics in my current designs today. I love to come up with new colors and designs. The next photo is one of largest size dolls I created, at that time. She was 30" tall. Below you will see her sitting on a lovely wicker chair that was given to me as a gift from a very good friend. I designed and hand-painted her dress.

These two were my earliest designs. I next decided to create figures that were a bit smaller, and more out of the "doll" category. It was my goal to try and start getting into art shows, and it appeared that when something was made out of fabric...the jury committees figured it was a craft. My next photos will show how I started to make smaller designs.

I love nature and for a while I came up with some rather elaborate leaf displays for my fairies. I still incorporate leaves and flowers in my designs today. These are the only two simplier creations which I have left. I had designed a Morning Glory fairy where I designed and created about seven individual morning glory flowers, and all sorts of green leaves and vines. It took me many, many hours to design and create.
This little fairy is standing amongst silk leaves, which I hand-painted using silk dyes. Each leaf was top-stitched, and has inner wires. I also designed her little petal dress!
Here is another design that took me many hours. She is standing on a fabric base with long leaves in the design. The leaves and base were all hand-dyed, using silk fabric dyes.

It was about 8 years ago, that I changed my designs to what they are today, and they have continued to develop over the years. It is what makes being an artist fun and challenging to keep coming up with new designs and ideas.

Here is one of my favorite creations at the moment. MOTHER FAIRY READING TO HER DAUGHTER. She is available for purchase in my Etsy shop: DZFANTASY If you'd like to go directly to her listing, just click on her photo.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Here is a really striking necklace by Jan Bajgier of JANSJEMS. Jan has so kindly taken the time to tell us a little about herself and her wonderful jewelery. Be sure to visit Jan's shop to see more of her work.


My name is Jan and I live in beautiful Western Massachusetts. Having worked many years in a busy office, multi-tasking and regularly putting out small fires, I’ve maintained my sanity by doing a variety of creative things at home. Gemstones and jewelry have always been a passion and I managed to infect both my daughters with this addiction. Often unable to find jewelry in the appropriate colors or styles, we all started making custom jewelry a few years ago. Now the jewelry boxes are filled and we’re making jewelry to sell.

What led you to start creating your art?

It's all my kids' fault. I've been interested in gemstones for years, took some classes, and have accumulated a small collection, some of which I've had set into jewelry. So as the girls got older, to spend a little quality time with them, I'd take them to gem shows. We bought some jewelry, but with all the beads and findings at these shows, the girls decided they could make more customized pieces themselves and cheaper. Now why didn't I think of that? So I started making jewelry too, bought some books, examined other peoples' techniques, took a class, etc., until I developed a technique and my jewelry box was full to overflowing. My oldest daughter, thankfully, found Etsy which gave us an outlet for our creations. Both my daughters also still make pieces for Jansjems when they find time.

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?
I love gemstones and the wonderful colors and patterns that are naturally created in the earth. And what better way to display them than to wear them. Since I'm not a metalsmith and couldn't set them, gemstone beads were thed default option. I've started experimenting with more intricate wrapping and I do hope to learn to do some metal work in the future, which will give me more creative options.

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?
Some of my designs are simpler because of customer demands. But I really like combining colors and textures in small and large clusters, and then creating a design to show them off. It's probably a lot like creating a mosaic or a flower arrangement. I see them as little abstract paintings that change as you move.

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?
My art has no message, no philosophy, and it's apolitical. Making jewelry makes me happy. I just hope that people find my designs and color combinations visually appealing and that wearing one of my pieces makes them happy too.

What advice do you have for other artists?
I'm not sure I've been doing this long enough to be qualified to give advice. It has only been in the last couple of years that I felt comfortable putting mywork out there and selling it. But I'll share something that I learned in that short period of time. Have faith in your art and your ideas and your designs. Not everyone will appreciate them and that's ok. You'll find plenty of people who will. The most important thing, however, is that creating your art fulfills a need and makes you happy.

Jan, thanks for sharing your thoughts and art with us. If you want to see what Jan has in her shop be sure to click on the link below the photos, or click on a photo to go directly to that item in her shop.


This little "Lavender" fairy face pin is my own original design. Her face is 100% silk, which I hand-drew, needle-sculpted and hand-painted. She has soft, wispy eyelash yarn hair, with a metallic thread running through it. VERY MAGICAL! Her hair accents are Swarovski crystals and tiny metal seed beads. You will be sure to receive lots of compliments, when wearing her. All you have to do is leave a comment!! WINNER will be notified via email, and the winner's name will be posted out here on my blog.

I will be randomly picking a winner, "out of a hat", at the end of May!


THANKS TO ALL....who left a comment... New items will be drawn each month, so do stop back and try again!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The past couple of days, I've been busy designing a very "special fairy" for the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse, Inc. of Milwaukee, WI. In a previous post I showed several of the stages of her creation. Here you will see some of the steps taken to create her silk leaf, which she will be laying on. The leaf is entirely designed from silk tussah fabric. Tussah silk is a silk derived from wild moths, whose main diet is oak leaves. The amount of tannin in the leaves determines the natural color of the silk. It can be anywhere from a very light color to a darker tan. The photo below shows the leaf after I have sewn and stuffed it with acrylic fiberfill. The stem is also made from silk, and is stuffed with fiberfil using the alligator forceps you see in the photo. Without this little tool.....I wouldn't be able to stuff any of my creations. I have them in several sizes...couldn't do without them!
Here I am finishing up the stuffing of the stem of the leaf. I insert an inner wire armature so that after the entire leaf has been painted, I twist the stem around a wooden knitting needle to make it curl. After the leaf is lightly stuffed with fiberfil, I top-stitched a pattern into the leaf using the smallest stitch on my sewing machine. After that, I insert the stem into the end of the leaf and hand sew it onto the leaf. Now it is time to hand-paint the leaf using silk fabric paints by Dye-na-Flow by Jacquard. This is one of my favorites products as it is so easy to apply and it comes in a fairly wide range of colors. It is thin, like a dye, but is actually a "fabric paint". I've been using it for years, and it works so well for the "hand-painting" I do on my leaves, and fairy faces and fabrics. I've also applied it to fabrics using an eye dropper for some really unique, one-of-a-kind designs. When painting it onto the silk leaf, you have to work fairly fast, so that the colors don't dry and leave unwanted lines.

I painted the entire leaf using one color of green, and then shaded it by using two other colors of a lighter green and yellow. The leaf is not outside drying in the sun! Once it is completely dry it will be sprayed with a matte finish sealer by Krylon, to protect the colors.

The last step before the "fairy" will be finished, is to create a tiny silk butterfly that she will be holding in her hand. Be sure to stop back and see the completely finished fairy....! She is beautiful!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Creation of a Fairy for the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse Silent Auction

Several times a year, I get asked to donate one of my fantasy creations for worthwhile causes. My current project is to design and create a special "fairy" for an event that is being sponsored by the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse in Shorewood, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse was founded in 1998 as an all-volunteer charitable oranization. Its mission is to support breast and prostate cancer research at the Medical College of Wisconsin. The organization has donated over $3 million to fund research at the college.

I thought I'd show you how this special fairy will develop into a "one-of-a-kind" creation for their "Luck of the Irish" party being held on June 13, 2008.

I'm also giving you a glimpse of my work spaces....don't mind the mess! Actually it is a bit cleaner than they normally are:
Here is my room where I stash all my fabrics and yarns...! There are a lot more fabrics in the white cabinet on the right, and drawers full of all kinds of gorgeous yarns.
Of course, when I am starting a new creation...I just don't seem to have the right color of fabric, or yarn, so that definitely means a few trips to look for "just the right" fabric. I just can't imagine why my husband doesn't understand that I need more fabric!! He is really very good about going with me at times, and waiting patiently in the car, while I search for the perfect piece.
Here at my sewing machine is where all the bodies and wings get stitched up, while I have a nice view of the birds in the trees.

For this particular donation I have decided to design a laying fairy, in colors of pink and light greens. She will be laying on a long silk leaf, which I will hand dye using silk fabric dyes. More about her leaf design in another post.

Her body has already been sewn and stuffed, and sculpted into her laying position, through the use of inner wire armatures. I use 100% acrylic fiberfill when stuffing the bodies, and heads. My first step is to sew the body, using the tiniest stitches that my machine will allow. Next, I position the body into whatever pose I want. After that, I sew on the head. I have already added her waist accent, and will be accenting that with Swarovski crystals and tiny seed beads. I usually decide on the hairstyle next, and place it on the figure's head to get an idea of how the style will look, as shown in the photo below.

I do the face next, before any accents are attached to the figure. I draw the features on the face using a Micron pen .005. , and then to the needle sculpting Here she is with features drawn and face needle-sculpted.

Next I start to paint in the eyes and lips using a VERY fine brush.
After the face is entirely painted in, and blush applied to her cheeks, I add a coat of crystal clear lacquer to give the eyes and the lips a 3-dimensional look and shine. The photo above also shows her wings, which I have just sewn, top-stitched into a pattern, and will now be adding the wire armatures, which are fabric coated floral wire. She is just in the beginning stages, and I will be adding a post out here so that you can see how she looks when completely finished, along with her silk leaf.
This is the room where I do almost all of my creating, doing the faces, adding the accents, and taking photos when they are finished. It is actually supposed to be our dining room!
I have a few other little creatures waiting in line to be finished off for my next art show.

Be sure to stop back to see her when she is finished! I'm off to work on her right now!


I've always loved butterflies! They have such a magical quality about them, and come in such a wide array of colors! They remind me of colorful, little flying flowers.

I've designed and created several styles of butterflies, and butterfly fairy faces. The butterflies in the photo to the left are my "butterfly fairy" face pins. Each tiny face is 100% silk, which I hand-draw, needle-sculpt and then individually hand-paint. Their wings are created from many colorful fabrics some of which are also 100% silk, which I hand dye to achieve one-of-a-kind-colors and designs. I also designed larger butterfly fairy face wings, that look most charming displayed on the wall, such as the one I have in my bathroom.

Below you will see more of my butterfly fairy face pins. These delightful little creatures will certainly add a bit of magic and fun to any outfit. I decided to take their photos on some of my plants.
These are close-up shots of the butterflies, and the size of each is approximately 3" at the widest point from top tip to top tip, and about 2.75" from top to bottom tip.
I also, designed pins that are just little butterfly wings. Their bodies are created from Swarovski crystals, the head is a 6mm Swarovski crystal, and I also use colorful glass seed beads in some of their antennae. These style wings measure approximately 2.5" wide at top, and about 1.5" deep. I have many of these butterfly wings and pins available now in my Etsy shop, so if you are looking for a bit of color and whimsey to dress up any outfit, hat or purse, be sure to stop in at my Etsy shop, DZFANTASY to see what is currently available. I am creating more of these delightful creatures every day, so visit often, and one might just catch your fancy! They also make affordable fun, gift ideas!

Beautiful 100% silk tiny butterfly wing pin

100% silk, which I hand-dyed by brushing on the silk fabric dyes

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Welcome Jennifer.....Below you can hear what Jennifer has to say about her art, and how she get started.

I’ve been a photographer since 1996 and I am currently based out of London, Ontario, Canada. I am inspired by the world around me and I use my art to search for simplicity and meaning in the beauty of the everyday.

What led you to start creating your art?

I grew up in a very small hamlet so I was always looking for ways to make it more interesting, I guess that’s where my artistic juices began flowing. I’ve always had a camera so I ended up studying photography in high school and college and I’ve been taking pictures ever since!

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

My high school began offering a photography/graphics class which peaked my interest so I thought I’d try it out. I learned how to work in a darkroom, plus how to operate a small printing press – it was so magical!

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?

I love the challenge of finding charm in things we often think of as ordinary.

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?

Beauty is in everything, we just need to take the time to find it.

What advice do you have for other artists?

Don’t spend too much time in the beginning working on branding. Just get your stuff out there for the world to see. As your business grows you’ll gain a better understanding of the direction you’d like to go in and who your target market is, then you can focus more on your logo and identity. Show us what you’ve got!

Thanks, Jennifer, for sharing your art! To see more of Jennifer's lovely photography, be sure to visit her Etsy shop and other links listed below.


Saturday, May 10, 2008


Welcome Beth.....!
Hear in Beth's own words what she has to say about herself and her art.

I'm a mom of two great kids and I like to have an outlet for my creative energy. I've been knitting for 4 years and started spinning my own yarn when I became a yarn snob. : ) I'm a member of The Spinners Flock in Chelsea MI, a guild of fiber artists.I enjoy knitting, needle felting, spinning yarn, dyeing yarn and weaving. I dabble in a little of this and a little of that. I love to create pieces that bring happiness to people.

What led you to start creating your art?

I really needed an outlet for my creative energy and this felt like a great place to start.

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

I've been knitting for about 6 years and then started spinning yarn. I joined a local group for fiber artists called The Spinners Flock and one thing led to another.

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?

I love working with fiber, and what I enjoy the most is the connection to nature. The fiber comes from the sheep and I buy the roving from the farmers. Then I work on it and I love to put the images of nature back into the pieces that I create.

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?

I try to convey my love of the earth, nature and simple pleasures.

What advice do you have for other artists?

One piece of advice I have is to never doubt yourself. Just follow your instincts and you will be led in the right direction.

BETH, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, and creations with us. Be sure to visit Beth's Etsy shop. You can click on the link below the photos, or click on a photo to get directly to that item in Beth's shop.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I was tagged by Cat at DARKLING WOODS STUDIO


Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. List 6 non-important things, habits, quirks, or tibit about yourself.
4. Tag 6 random people and link to their blogs.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Now here are 6 little facts about me:
1. My biggest passion is to design and create my fantasy figures.
2. I love to take "close-up" flower photos, frame them, and hang them all over my house.
3. I am afraid to death of snakes, and don't even like looking at pictures of them!
4. Love taking trips on our "Harley", especially out to the Black Hills, SD
5. Like to play the :"slots" now and then. Hardly ever win!
6. I talk to my creations as I'm creating them!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hear what Mildred has to say about her art. Be sure to visit Mildred's Etsy shop to see what she has to offer, and also her has gorgeous photos of flowers, receipes, and other delightful photos and information on it!! THANKS, Mildred for taking the time to share your thoughts and art with us.

What led you to start creating your art?
Just had a desire to try painting and purchased a small set of oils. I bought an art book too, and I immediately copied a picture from there. I was pleased with my first picture so kept right on painting, eventually trying different mediums.

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?
Started with the oil. Since then I have done all -- acrylic, pastels, watercolors. I think I prefer the oil.

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?
Anticipating what the finished painting will look like. Sometimes I'm happy with it and other times not so happy. However, you always see something more you can do with it.

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?
I want to paint pleasant, pleasing pictures to make people feel as happy and blessed as I am.