Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I've always loved butterflies! They have such a magical quality about them, and come in such a wide array of colors! They remind me of colorful, little flying flowers.

I've designed and created several styles of butterflies, and butterfly fairy faces. The butterflies in the photo to the left are my "butterfly fairy" face pins. Each tiny face is 100% silk, which I hand-draw, needle-sculpt and then individually hand-paint. Their wings are created from many colorful fabrics some of which are also 100% silk, which I hand dye to achieve one-of-a-kind-colors and designs. I also designed larger butterfly fairy face wings, that look most charming displayed on the wall, such as the one I have in my bathroom.

Below you will see more of my butterfly fairy face pins. These delightful little creatures will certainly add a bit of magic and fun to any outfit. I decided to take their photos on some of my plants.
These are close-up shots of the butterflies, and the size of each is approximately 3" at the widest point from top tip to top tip, and about 2.75" from top to bottom tip.
I also, designed pins that are just little butterfly wings. Their bodies are created from Swarovski crystals, the head is a 6mm Swarovski crystal, and I also use colorful glass seed beads in some of their antennae. These style wings measure approximately 2.5" wide at top, and about 1.5" deep. I have many of these butterfly wings and pins available now in my Etsy shop, so if you are looking for a bit of color and whimsey to dress up any outfit, hat or purse, be sure to stop in at my Etsy shop, DZFANTASY to see what is currently available. I am creating more of these delightful creatures every day, so visit often, and one might just catch your fancy! They also make affordable fun, gift ideas!

Beautiful 100% silk tiny butterfly wing pin

100% silk, which I hand-dyed by brushing on the silk fabric dyes

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