Monday, May 26, 2008

Remember When You Believed in the TOOTH FAIRY?

I thought I'd share this delightful poem written by, Margaret, a lovely lady, who had happened to find my YOUNG AT HEART web page. We became internet friends, and she has written me some lovely poems, which I have out on my web page.

She wrote this poem, when she found out that I had created this "special order" tooth fairy for a young girl who had written a really sweet letter to the tooth fairy. The girl's grandma decided she needed to have a little tooth fairy and here she is!

If you have a little someone who believes in the "tooth fairy", and would like a special fairy designed, I'd be happy to work with you in your choice of colors. Free samples available. Margaret kindly offered to let me send a copy of her poem to anyone who would like it, along with the fairy.

The Tooth Fairy
A small, colorful tooth fairy
On a magical flight
Drops in on sleeping children
With lost teeth in the night,
She flies through their windows,
To set down on their beds,
She collects teeth
Beneath pillows under their heads,
They go into a fairy tooth bag
Carried in her hand
To be whisked skyward
To her home in Tooth Fairyland,
Where they will shine like pearls
In a fairy gift shop.
She leaves behind coins or trinkets,
A delightful swap!
By Margaret Fodor Butcher 3/21/08

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