Sunday, May 25, 2008


I've always loved pottery, and am happy to bring you the works of artists Carla and Jen of CRACKPOTS.

Here is one of Jen's favorite pieces on the left. I love the colors and earthy tones of this piece! Hear how Carla and Jen got started, and what they have to say about their work.

CrAcKpOtS started in the fall of 2007, when Carla and Jen decided to take a pottery class together. We loved it so much we just kept making things! Now we've taken more classes and have too make things and we want to share the crackpot love. All of our pieces are hand thrown or built, which means we don't use molds. Every piece is unique based on the nature of the craft and our style. Some times the clay has a mind of it's own. Our goal is to make functional pieces that are at the same time unique and decorative. All of our pieces are made in Des Moines, Iowa. They are hand thrown and fired up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. That means they are food safe, oven safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Although not impossible to break, they are strong and resilient. Once a piece has been fired to these temperatures it takes a very very long time to decompose. That's why pottery is some of the best artifacts we have.

What led you to start creating your art?
I was not a good art student as a child, it was one area where I couldn't succeed. I avoided it in high school, but got talked into a ceramics class in college. Although in the beginning I didn't let the creative juice flow, I found myself throwing pieces in my head when I was trying to fall asleep and I figured I was on to something.

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?
Kind of by accident, but I figured ceramics was something I hadn't totally failed at yet, so why not give it a try? I had a friend that was really into pottery and told me I should just try it, it was only 1 semester.

What aspect of creating your art do you find the most enjoyable?
Clay has a mind of it's own. There's been times I have had 7lbs of clay ready to make a huge platter, and I end up with a 3 inch bud vase because the clay did not want to be a platter. There are so many variables and aspects to pottery, the throwing, firing, glazing. Things can go wrong in every aspect, but it makes it all the more amazing when it comes out beautifully.

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art?
I want my pottery to be useful, I want it to be the coffee cup you use everyday. I want it to feel special and unique. I want it to be accessible to all, I don't ever want it to feel snotty or elitist.

What advice do you have for other artists?
Stay true to your style. There's so much more joy in creating something that's completely yours than in copying the ideas of others. You may not be able to make a living off your work, but it will help you in living.

VERY WELL SAID!! Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts! Be sure to visit CRACKPOTS to see all the great pottery out there!


Joy De Vivre Design said...

Your work is amazing! And your banner is too cute!

Beat Black said...

what a great artist, her advice to others is very true