Saturday, May 3, 2008



Today, I did my first art show of the season, at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI. While there were signs of spring to be was a rather cloudy, windy, and chilly day for the artists who were exhibiting outside. Considering Wisconsin's changeable weather, I always try to get an inside space at this show. They have an indoor arboratum, and I took several photos, while waiting for more customers to come into my booth. I'm so lucky to have my sister with me at all I get to wander around a bit, when I get bored.

My butterfly and butterfly fairy face pins....were the best sellers today! People loved their bright colors, and whimsical designs....and the prices were easy on their purses. Just $10.00 and $15.00 each. Many were purchased for Mother's Day gifts.

While I don't normally go taking pictures of my customers, this fun lady, has been a delightful customer for several years now, and it is always fun to meet and talk with her. I told her I'd be putting her out on my blog...! My favorite part of doing shows is getting to meet new people, and visiting with old friends. We always meet the nicest people at these shows, so even if sales are slow, it is still a very positive experience. After talking to many of the artists, it was the general census that sales were down from last the bad economy is having a negative effect. I found that my sales were down about 30% from last year's sales at this show. I'm looking forward to my next show on June 7th and 8th, to see how that one goes. All in all, I still had a great time. We had easy unloading and loading. This show has a lot of volunteer helpers, who are very gracious with their offers of help. I've done this show for about 5 years now and love the environment, so I will be going back next year.
Here are some of my mermaids in their display.

It was rather hard to get a good shot of my booth!
This was a rather unique looking leaf that I found in the indoor arboratum.

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