Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"UNDYING LOVE" - An Angel Story Submitted by Carolyn

Below you will find another "Angel Story" submitted for my DZFANTASY ANGEL STORIES feature. Whenever you see the colorful angel above you will know that the post is about an angel story/experience.


I just wanted to tell you a couple of things that happened when my parents passed away.

Right after my father died, I came into my home and my 2 year old daughter met me at the door. We lived right next to my parents so my children were very close to them. She said to me,” Mommy, Granddaddy” and pointed to the air vent over the kitchen counter, and I said” no, baby, granddaddy isn’t here”. She said” Mommy, don’t you see him, he’s right there?”, again pointing to the vent. Now, I was just coming in from the hospital and she didn’t know yet, nor would she understand that he was gone, but she saw him there for more than a week, she told everyone who visited that he was there. I believe that he was there to watch over us during this hard time.

When my mom passed, she was at home. My niece, who was then 5 years old, was sleeping in my parents bedroom and there was a big closet between the two bedrooms. My mom passed during the night. The next morning when my niece got up, she came in and told us that she had seen granddaddy last night. When my sister said “you did?” my niece said “ Yeah, Mama, he was in the closet and when I asked him what he was doing in there, he said that it was alright, he was just there to get Grandma”.

So I do believe in Angels, they are always around watching over us, staying close just in case we need them.

Thanks for letting me share.

Thank, YOU, Carolyn for taking the time to share both of these experiences with all of us. Carolyn's name will be added into the December drawing for a custom designed "angel".

I know there must be many more of you out there who have had experiences, and hope you will also take the time to share...! All stories/experiences, will also be posted in the right column of my blog under the heading ANGEL STORIES. Clicking on the title, will get you to that particular story.

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LisaLisa said...

Thanks for sharing the Angel story with us all. I also like the new Angel....your work is just so beautiful Donna! I love reading about Angel 's