Thursday, December 4, 2008


Vintage RETRO Sunburst Starburst Teak Wood SNIDER Wall Clock with 2 Candle Scones

If you want to take a look into the "past", and stir up some fond memories, be sure to visit Audrey's shops, RETRO CLASSICS and RETRO GRANDMA out on Etsy. Here you will find decorative collectibles, Fischer Price toys, classic toys, kitchenware, books, games, records and much more. Read below to learn a little bit about why Audrey started her venture into the "past".

What motivated you to get into selling "vintage" items?

I love RETRO (vintage) items. The 70's were my best years.. the style, the toys were all so awesome. My children played with a lot of these toys and right now my home looks like the 70's - A BLAST FROM THE PAST.

Is there any category of vintage items that intrigues you the most?

Toy's - Vintage Fisher Price toys are awesome - all my grandchildren love to play with them. They are the most educational and durable than what you find in stores today.

What aspect of finding and selling vintage items do you find the most enjoyable?

I love to go garage sales and thrift shops! It's amazing what you find from the past.

What vintage item would you love to find, that you haven't already seen or sold?

Hmmm..I haven't found many vintage telephones.

What advice do you have for others in the selling or collecting of vintage items?

I'm not a collector myself, but love to share with others in what I find. Be very thorough in your descriptions when selling vintage items. Some buyers are collectors, and they need to know every detail about the item.

What is the most interesting or exciting piece of "vintage" that you have found to date?

My first exciting piece of vintage was an original green gloworm.

Thanks, Audrey, for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us! It is fun to see things from the "past", and to re-live different times in our lives. RETRO CLASSICS and RETRO GRANDMA may just have something from YOUR past, that would revive fond memories, so be sure to pay them a visit!




The Muse said...

Oh my goodness what better to bring the memories of life to have vintage pieces all around you!


jenny said...

i think that clock may realy have been from the 60's since i do also rember seeing one when i was a kid i was born in the early 70'sand well as far as i canrecall back to when i was abt 4 my friends mom had one that well she had way befor i was well born. any how i also love retro stuff too