Monday, May 21, 2012

Fiber Sculpted Guardian Angel

Lavender Sitting Angel

Angels are among us whether they be in the form of friends, pets, family or strangers, or those that we can not see!  

I recently designed the above angel for a very special lady who uses her belief in angels to help people through the use of therapeutic massage, Level IV Spring Forest Qigong Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing Touch, Meditation Classes and more! Her name is Rosemary Bilgrien.  Her business name for her work is HEART & HANDS, which is why I incorporated a "heart" in her "hands".

To learn more about Rosemary's work, be sure to visit the links below:


The angel is my own original design and is created entirely from fabric and fibers, and is accented with Swarovski crystals.  She sits approximately  6.25" high, and was 13" tall before sculpting into her current sitting position.

If you would like to "special" order an angel of this size in your choice of colors, please feel free to contact me, at:  I will be more than happy to work with you to design your own "guardian angel".  

Remember....our angels are always there for us, whether we can see them or not!  Listen carefully and you will be able to hear them!