Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Magic of Laurel Burch Fabric

Whimsical fiber sculpted "Cat Fairy" created
 using one of Laurel Burch's wonderful cat designed fabric
(she is currently available in my DZFANTASY shop on Etsy.

I have been designing and creating my original designed fiber sculpted fantasy sculptures for over 20 years now, and one of my all time favorite fabrics were those designed by the talented fabric artist, Laurel Burch.  

Her colorful, whimsical designs inspired so many of my fairies and mermaids over the years.  I was so sad when this great artist passed away.  Recently I was quite amazed to note how her various designed fabrics have skyrocketed in price!  Her use of color and whimsey appeal to so many!!  Designs that years ago used to be anywhere from $10.00 - $12.00 a yard are now going for anywhere from $25.00 - $69.00 a yard.  I am so happy I had the opportunity years ago to purchase so many of her wonderful designs.

Below are several more photos of some of the creations I designed using Laurel Burch fabrics.

Sitting Fairy with a bean bag created with Laurel Burch Jungle Print Fabric

Wall style mermaid with Laurel Burch fabric tail

Wall Style Cat Fairy created with Laurel Burch Whimsical Cat Fabric

Wall style mermaid with tail designed from Laurel Burch "seahorse" fabric

These are just a very small sample of some of my creations using Laurel Burch fabric.  I have created so many over the years, but don't have the photos any more.  I do hope to be able to create several more in the future.  Those photos above with links, can be seen in my DZFANTASY shop on Etsy.