Saturday, January 9, 2016

Enchanting, rainbow colored fiber sculpted mermaid


(Click on the word MERMAID above to see her in my Etsy shop)

13.5" Fiber Sculpted Wall Style Mermaid


I just finished creating this colorful mermaid, who is the largest of my wall style mermaids, measuring 13.5" from the bottom of her tail fins to the tip of her colorful hairdo.  She is designed to hang on the wall, dance from a bit of ribbon or clear fishing line or could be displayed on a shelf with the wall to lean against.

Her face and uppper body is 100% silk fabric.  I individually hand draw, needles sculpt and hand paint her face.  Her eyes and lips have a coat of crystal clear lacquer, which gives her a very life-like, 3-dimensional look and shine.

She has a lot of Swarovski crystal accents, in her hair, necklace, belly button and at her waist.  She is of my own original design and creation.  A lovely addition to any collection.  She is currently listed in my DZFANTASY shop on Etsy.  I also have smaller size mermaids available in my shop, and am always happy to create a special order figure, in your choice of colors!  Please feel free to contact me for fabric and yarn samples.