Saturday, May 31, 2008

FANTASY....Imaginable Possibilities!

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a delightful artist who was looking for a special fairy to come live in one of her newly designed "Fairy Nesting Sconce" homes. Lashell of DESIGNTALENTEDONE, on Etsy, has designed some lovely "fairy homes", and I thought it would be fun to have her tell us how she came upon this idea. I designed the cream colored Victorian style fairy, for Lashell after she sent me photos of her "fairy nesting" sconces.

Read below to hear Lashell share her thoughts (in her own words), on fairies, her "fairy nesting sconces", and what motivated her to create them.

Where do fairies come from?

Folklorists, philosophers, historians, mystics and others have debated this question for centuries. No one really knows how fairies originated — unless it's the fairies themselves, and they're not telling. What we do know is that tales of the fairies can be found on every continent around the globe, and that belief in the existence of the "Hidden People" is surprisingly widespread today.

What are faeries?

Faeries are a race of small magical beings. They are usually invisible to most of us, but many mortals do have the gift to see them. Faeries have many human qualities: They have skills and talents; they have friends and family; they love and have desires.

Where do fairies live?

They live all over the world. They like to live where there is little human activity, like in a park or a forest. Some faeries live underground, in hills or in the mounds of rock, like the faeries of the Shee in Scotland. Some faeries, like dryads, live in trees, while others have taken to the sea in the form of mermaids or merrows, which are sea spirits. Cloud faeries appear as huge beings in the sky and are the creators of imagination. Flower faeries are gentle spirits of the earth and live among the flowers and near the bottom of trees. Butterfly faeries look just like butterflies and live with the flower faeries.

This my friends is how I began to think about a fairy home, how they must live.... they are tiny, they need a small hiding place, thus came my idea for the FAIRY NESTING SCONCE HOME. Victorian style with lots of flower petals, as I like to see fairies in a Victorian style display. A fairy sitting out in the open with no hiding place is endangered to getting lost, or perhaps squished, crushed, or god forbid, taken by a pet! We must protect them, we must house these little creatures, and let them have our love and safe keeping.

My fairy now hangs on the wall in my sconce, safe from kitty, from being lost or misplaced. My fairy is so special, and made by DZFANTASY, and she rests so safe in her fairy home nesting sconce made by DESIGNTALENTEDONE, until I take her down, and hold her and admire her again and again! I even have her close to my computer to look up at her every day. I am a day dreamer, creator, and I actually can bring my thoughts into play by my hands as I put things together to form something beautiful and so can DZFANTASY for her beautiful work is to be admired.

I find Lashell to be so delightful with her enthusiasm and zest for her newly designed creations! Below you will see a photo of the fairy I created for Lashell, and also the different styles of her "fairy nesting sconces". If you would like a "special" fairy designed to go with one of Lashell's homes, I'd be happy to work with you regarding colors and styles. Lashell has several different styles of "homes".....some are designed to hang on the wall, while others may be displayed on a table. See her displayed below in a blue and rose colored sconce.

This is the fairy I designed for the "fairy nesting sconce". She is 6.5" tall, and her arms may be moved up or down a bit, as they have inner wire armatures. Her face is 100% silk, which I individually hand-drew, needle-sculpted, and hand-painted. She has sparkly Italian yarn for her hairdo, and her accents are Swarovski crystals, and a silk flower in her hair. You can see how she looks so happy in her new home!

This photo will give you an idea of the size of the opening in the "fairy nesting sconce". You could also have a sitting style fairy displayed in either the wall style sconce or the standing style. The fairy would be approximately 3.5" tall in her sitting position.

Both DESIGNTALENTEDONE and DZFANTASY would be happy to provide you with a delightful home for a enchanting fairy. If you are interested in learning more about DESIGNTALENTEDONE'S "Fairy Nesting Homes", be sure to visit Lashell's Etsy shop by clicking on the link below:

If you'd like to discuss the possibilities of creating your own "special" fairy, please feel free to contact me at my Etsy shop: DZFANTASY or via my YOUNG AT HEART web page.

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