Monday, November 10, 2008


(When you see the colorful little angel above, out on my blog, you will know the post is about an ANGEL STORY)
Do you believe in angels....have you had an "angelic experience" you'd like to share? Several years ago I started an ANGEL STORIES page on my YOUNG AT HEART web site, where people who "believed" and had an "angelic" experience could write to me and I would put their story out on my website. It was truly an amazing journey in which I met the most wonderful people, and heard such inspiring stories. In return for people taking the time to share their experiences with everyone, I would create each of them a "special" angel as a gift. After a while, creating a "special" angel for each person who submitted a story became impossible, as I was receiving so many stories, so I picked a winner each month from all the stories that were submitted for any given month.

I would love to be able to bring this type of inspiration out here on my blog, and have decided to do an ANGEL STORIES feature on DZFANTASY .

Anyone who would like to share an experience, may email me, and I will put their story out here on DZFANTASY.

Each month, I will create a FREE "special angel" for the person whose name I will randomly pick from that month's entries. Also, anyone who has left a comment in this post about their thoughts on angels, will also have their name entered into the drawing.

The person will have the chance to select the colors for their "special angel", (hair, skin tone, fabric, etc.). The first drawing will be on December 31, 2008, since I got this idea going a bit late for a November drawing.
The photos below show the type of little angels I will be creating for the winner's of each month's drawing. She is 6.5" tall, has a silk face, which I hand-draw, needle-sculpt, and hand-paint. The accents are Swarovski crystals.
Let get a lot of stories out here for all to read and enjoy!

If anyone is interested in being a part of this new feature of mine, please contact me at:, and put ANGEL STORY in the subject line.

Please feel free to leave your "comments", about this idea, out here. Anyone who leaves a comment out here, will also go into the drawing for the month that they submitted their comment. Please be sure to leave a means of contacting you...should you be the lucky winner.

On, Nov. 11th, I received the first Angel Story, and it is now out on DZFANTASY...the title is "NEVER ALONE". Be sure to read it, and I hope it may inspire many more people to share their stories!! There is no "catch" to this endeavor....I'm just trying to spread a bit of inspiration for all who visit here, and will enjoy creating "special" angels for the people who take the time to share their stories and experiences!


The Muse said...

Oh indeed I do believe in angels. Without question and without hesitation!

By the way, I love your interpretation of one :)

The Muse said...

PS...LOL I'm now Following your blog and signed up for email updates... :)

VIRGINIA said...

I beleive my personal Angel is with me everyday. I haven't had a terrible life experience where I would need help, but just in everyday living. Have you ever been in a hurry, gone into a parking lot looking for a parking space and the lot is full, and 1 more trip around the lot, a parking space opens up right by the entrance. I always say my Angel is looking after me.


Yes, I've had the same experience with parking spaces, and also when I've looked for something in my house a dozen times, and then I stop and ask for "help"...and there it is when I KNOW I looked in the same spot before.

I truly believe we are being watched over all the time in little and big ways. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment here.

The Muse said...

My brother was 4, I was 13...we had walked to the mailbox to get the mail, (just as we had done so many times before). There were no cars to be seen. I opened the box and reached into get the mail. I looked over at my brother, he was not in the road but had wandered away from me, about 3 feet. Something made my heart mind explode...A sense of fear and great urgency overwhelmed me!
I dropped the mail and ran to him... gathering my brother in my arms, I carried him over the grassy side ditch (with nothing short of PANIC).
Instantly...with no other warning... cars came from both directions, and collided HEAD ON! The hood of one car was launched into the sky, spinning with a speed I could barely fathom. It landed in the exact spot my brother had been standing, just a few moments before.
Yes, I believe in angels.

windycindy said...

The Angel is stunning. She is truly a shining being! My sister and I have both had other worldly experiences since losing our mom and brother four months apart in 2000. Thanks for sponsoring such an inspiring idea. Cindi

Bridget said...

Beautiful angel! I too believe strongly in their presence, and we need them more now than ever. Thank you for creating such beautiful dolls!


Thanks, to all who have either left a message here, or sent me their stories!!

Angel Hugs,

crystal said...

I think that this is a great idea!! I love the idea of Angels and find it comforting to read about others experiences:)

Shelley said...

I definitely believe in angels. St. Padre Pio says that we all have guardian angels and the bible has angels mentioned in the bible hundreds of times.

On my website, I have a section on angels (along with the guardian angel prayer)

I say my guardian angel prayer every day and ALWAYS ask my angels to watch over me whenever I am stressed out or ill or travel...and so far I have gotten out of a lot of pretty serious scrapes so THANKS angels :)

Believe :) in the power of prayer and BELIEVE in angels.

tskrush (at) cox (dot) net