Friday, September 2, 2011

Fiber Fantasy Butterfly Wall Accent - Zebra Print with Pink!!

Fiber Sculpted Butterfly Wall Accent

I really thought my daughter was kidding when she said the latest rage in decor was "zebra prints accented with pink"!!  After searching around on the internet, I found she was right!!  There are loads of different items for decorating with this color combination!  Guess I'm not much in keeping up with trends.

I decided to create this fantasy butterfly wall accent in those colors and see how it goes over at my upcoming art show next weekend.  How many of you knew of this color combination being one of the latest trends in decor??

Now I think I will have to create a little "zebra fairy" ..... with pink hair maybe!


Debsparkles said...

A zebra fairy would be amazing!

Belinha said...

Zebra pattern is very popular. Did not know about the pink!;)