Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Enchanting Fabric Fairy House with Fiber Sculpted Fairy

Enchanting Fabric Fairy House
with Tiny Fiber Sculpted Laying Fairy
$105.00 (Free Shipping)

I just completed this fun, colorful fabric fairy house.  I designed the fairy house from a pattern designed by fiber/fantasy artist, Julie McCullough.  I modified the pattern to create this 12" tall house, where the original pattern is for a 22" fairy house.  I added one of my fabric sculpted butterflies and Swarovski crystals as accents.  The tiny little fiber sculpted fairy is my own original design. This creation (fairy house and fairy) will be soon available at the BLUE HERON GALLERY in Port Washington, WI where I am currently showing my work, or you may contact me personally at 

She measures approximately 2.5" long from her bent up legs to her elbows, and is about 2" high from her elbows to the top of her head.

I will be creating several more of these fabric fairy houses and the little fairies to go with them.  If anyone is interested in "special ordering" a set, please feel free to contact me for further information.

The fairies can also be created as sitting fairies, such as the tiny fairy shown below.

The sitting fairy measures about 3" tall from her "seat" to the top of her head, and fits nicely sitting in the door of the house.  I've also styled the house so that it could be hung as a mobile, if you didn't want it sitting on a table or shelf.

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