Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bichon and Little Buddies Rescue - Adoptable dogs for you to love!

Here is "SALTY"  (cockapoo)
without his surgical collar on! I'm sure he is very  happy to have it off!
  He is such a happy little fellow!

I took my camera with me today when I went to the Bichon and Little Buddies Rescue this morning so that I could take some photos of a few of the little guys/gals who are looking for their "forever" homes!  It was a bit hard getting them to stand still, but below you will see a few photos, and I hope to get some more in the near future to share with you. 

If anyone is looking for a dog to share their lives with, I do hope you will think about one of these.

This sweetie is STREAKER and she loves to jump up on the gate to greet you!


Taco is an 8 year old, 7lb, male chihuahua. He is a long haired, tri-color chihuahua mix.

Curly is looking forward to meeting his new family.  He is a 2 year old neutered male.

Ribbon and Casabella (left to right with Streaker in the background)
They were standing up looking for treats (which they got!)

If anyone would like to learn more about these adoptable dogs, be sure to click on the BICHON AND LITTLE BUDDIES RESCUE link below.  Here you will find all the information about these dogs and others that are available, how to adopt them, costs, etc. 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


Joyce said...

they are all so cute!!!

Debsparkles said...

Donna these kids are beautiful. I wish I could hug them all. My daughters has alway's found and brought home rescues so my home has alway's been full of them . I am mommy to three of them right now and I swear rescues make the most loving pets!


They are all just looking for love and attention! It has been such fun volunteering with all of them. Good for your Deb!!