Friday, February 4, 2011

Loveable dogs looking for "forever" homes....!

For the past couple of weeks, I have started volunteering several hours a week at the Bichon and Little Buddies Rescue, which is located in Mukwonago, WI where I live.  I LOVE dogs, and wanted to contribute in some small way to make the world a little happier place for these four legged creatures who are just looking for someone to love them and to give love back in return.  Periodically, I will be putting some of their photos out here.  To learn more about these adoptable dogs, just click on their name below their photos.

UPDATE ON "MILLER": 2/7/11 - YAY, Miller found a "forever" home this weekend.  Have a good life little buddy!

Below is Salty...a cockapoo, which is one of my favorites at the rescue.  He reminds me of my own cockapoo, Harley, although Salty is a bit bigger and has curly hair. Salty loves to go for walks and is good on a leash. 

Salty is doing his best to look depressed with his cone on. He wants to lick his neuter area, so he needs to keep the cone on until he is healed. Poor Boy!

Roller Coaster (now Salty) the Cockapoo was adopted through Bichon and Little Buddies when he was a puppy along with his sister. Unfortunately, the combination of two young dogs as well as an older one was too much. Salty was too rough with his sister, but was good with the other dog in the family. He is about 9 months old, and has a non/low shed coat. He is still working on housetraining, and is a bit shy with new people.
These two loveable dogs are just a few of the dogs available for adoption through the BICHON AND LITTLE BUDDIES RESCUE.  To see more of them and for further information, click on the link below.

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