Thursday, August 28, 2008


ZEBRA FAIRY - Fiber sculpted art doll

I just finished this delightful ZEBRA fairy yesterday, and thought I 'd bring her out here on my blog, since I am so happy to finally have had time to create her!

I love her fun black and white zebra patterned fabric, which has zebra all over the pattern. I manged to get one of the zebra's head and neck on the front of the fairy, and there are several more peeking out from her wings, and her back.

She is one of my medium size sitting fairies, which was 10" long before being sculpted into her current, permanent sitting position. She has sparkly black hair, which is accented with bone beads and Swarovski crystals. She even has a black jet Swarovski crystal for a belly button.

She comes sitting on her own hand-painted black box, which can be used as a "keepsake" box for your favorite jewelry, or whatever else you might like to keep safe there. The fairy will be sure to protect your treasures. It even has a tiny little cushion which I created out of the same fabric as the fairy, and is lightly stuffed with fiberfill, with a white bead sewn into the center.

If you'd like to learn more about my newest creation, just click on any of her photos. I hope you enjoy seeing her as much as I enjoyed designing and creating her.

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