Sunday, September 7, 2008


Site of the 2008 Waukesha Art Fest in Cutler Park
Waukesha, Wisconsin

This past Saturday, September 6th, I was an exhibitor in the Waukesha Art Fest, which has been held in Cutler Park for the past 19 years. I must admit I wasn't very enthusiastic about doing this show after being in a show three weeks ago, which barely covered my entry fees, etc. In fact, out of the 5 shows I have already done this season....only one went beyond my expectations as far as sales were concerned.

The Waukesha Art Fest proved to me that one should never atry to predict what show will be good, and which one will be bad!! The sales at this show turned out to be the very best in all ways...GREAT SALES, WONDERFUL WEATHER, LOTS OF FUN PEOPLE! It was a very "magical" day!

While I always try to have enough of my "fairy face" pins at shows, to have "affordable art" for people to purchase in these slow economic times, I actually had the pleasure of selling more of my other larger pieces of work. So, any of you artists or crafters out there who haven't had the good sales, at some shows, that you had hoped for....don't give up....the next show could be the very best one yet!

I've been doing the same art shows as this fine artist, Charlotte Fung Miller, for several years now. Her work is very detailed and exquisite!

Proceeds from the Silient Auction held by the Art Fest go towards art scholarships for Waukesha High School Students and Carroll University students majoring in the visual arts. I always enjoy donating a piece of my work to "silient auctions" as the proceeds are always given to worthy causes.

I'm now looking forward to my last art show of the season which will be held in Madison, Wisconsin at the Monona Terrace Convention Center on November 15 & 16th.


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