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Artist's Review of - 20th WINTER ART FESTIVAL in MADISON, WI

Information Booth at the 20th Annual Winter Art Festival in Madison, WI

This past weekend I was an exhibitor in my favorite art show......the 20TH ANNUAL WINTER ART FESTIVAL in Madison, WI.  This is one of the best fine art shows in the area, and is sponsored and produced by the Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople (WAAC).  WAAC is made up of a very dedicated group of Wisconsin artists who not only organize and run the show, but also exhibit their art in the show.  It is through the hard work and dedication of this special group of artists that many other Wisconsin artists are provided with this high class venue in which to exhibit and sell their work!  If you'd like to learn more about the Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople organization click on the link below:

The show is held in Madison's beautiful Monona Terrace Convention Center on Lake Monona.

Monona Terrace Convention Center on Lake Monona

Most artists set their booths up the Friday evening before the show, which makes it really nice.  It takes the pressure out of having to get up in the wee hours of the morning, having to drive to the location and then rush to set up the morning of the show.

Below is a photo of a portion of my booth after my sister and I set it up on Friday.  My sister is my display artist as she enjoys arranging the booth and figuring out where everything will look the best.  What would I do without her!!  I just help with setting up the gridwall.

My sister and best friend.  We have such fun at these shows!

Part of my display of my newest creations....Fairy Face Pins/Knit Necklace Sets

These new designs were a BIG hit, and by the end of the weekend I only had several left!

The 20th Winter Art Festival had 134 exhibitors this year, with a wide range of high quality art ranging from, Ceramics, Fiber, Glass, Graphics, Jewelry, Mixed 2-D, Mixed 3-D, Painting, Photography, Sculpture and Wood.

The attendance was good.  In fact, Sunday, which is usually a slower day at two days shows, seemed to be more steady than on Saturday!  I was very happy with my sales, and from the few artists I got to talk to about sales, they seemed satisfied also. 
During the show, when I had a moment, I took some photos of the different artists and their work to give you all an idea of the wonderful art that one can find at this show.  I wish I would have been able to get a few more photos as the work is so varied.  Below are several photos, and the artist's information if it was available. (All of the photos and information is being used with the artist's permission)

Lorraine Ortner-Blake - Graphic Design and Calligraphy

Lorraine was our booth neighbor again this year. A delightful person and wonderful artist!  She is also very active in the WAAC with the newletter and graphic design.

Lorraine uses water media - including watercolor, gouache and hand-ground inks along with found objects, handmade paper, and gold leaf.  Her work couples quotations from the wise with expressive letter forms and colorful nature-based illustrations.

To learn more about Lorraine and to see her lovely art, and inspirational cards visit her web site by clicking on the link below:



Gorgeous handpainted silk garments!!

Vivian doesn't have a web page, but if you'd like to contact her about her garments, here is her email address:


Susan & Eric Anderson

from Markesan, WI

Beautiful, Beautiful pottery!!  The nature shapes are exquisite!


Portable Works of Art

by Artist, Jane M. Miller of Madison, WI

To learn more about Jane and her colorful "portable works of art", click on her blog link below:


by Jenni Hopfinger

Hand-painted Truly Functional Glassware
for the every day celebrations of life, love, family and friendship

To learn more about Jenni and her glass art, visit her web page by clicking on the link below:


Kim and Rob Russell

Spring Green, WI

Kim Russell

Below are several photos as shown on RUSSELWORKS web page.  To see and learn a lot more about these talented woodworking artists, be sure to pay a visit to the RUSSELWORKS web page by clicking on the link below.  There you will be able to see a lot more of the FANTASTIC creations, and even see Kim at work on a project.

Bird "Orni"ments

Sandhill Crane Sculpture


Pamela Bronk, Leather Artisan

Pamela's Artist Statement below:
"Using images derived from nature and classic Japanese design allows me to explore different themes and surface techniques on my handbags. Over the years I have incorporated many techniques, from beadwork to airbrushing to hand painting to stamping and embossing. I have some classic shapes I keep returning to, but my surface treatment of these classics continues to subtly evolve and change as I explore. I am constantly finding fresh inspiration in nature, art, and travel. I have been involved in the midwest crafts circuit for decades and am consistently impressed by the fresh ideas I see around me. I draw from all these forms of inspiration and return to my craft with a strengthened resolve to try new techniques.

I create my unique bags and accessories in my studio in the Wisconsin countryside. When creating my handiwork I strive to construct bags that are durable and functional, as well as creative and beautiful."

You can see more of Pamela's wonderful work by visiting her web page...just click on the BRONK ART link below:



Gourd Artisan

Friendship, WI

M.A. has been a working artist since the mid-sixties, including drawing, ceramics, textiles and scrimshaw on ivory.  Her major work was metal smithing and jewelry.  Her interests have now drifted to gourds (grown by friends).  The designs get started with light pencil sketches on the surface. Next is the permanent drawing with a wood-burner.  Some of M.A. finished gourds are for interior decorating, while others are functional such as birdhouses and ornaments. 

What beautiful, detailed work!

If you would like to get in touch with this artist, her email address is:

The above artists are just a very few of the many fabulous artists who exhibit in the Winter Art Festival each year.  If you live in the area and have never attended this show, be sure to mark your calendars for next year's show which is being held on November 13 & 14 - 2010.  WAAC's summer show, ART FAIR OFF THE SQUARE will be held July 10 & 11 - 2010.

I'd like to thank all of the people who make this show possible. Also, a special "thank you" to the artists who let me take photos of their work for this article.

I for one am already looking forward to next's year show!!


belinha said...

I was expecting news about your participation.It's my third visit here!! You made a good post about it!Never thought the art show was this good!Amazing products there!Wonderfull event,probably lots of interesting people to talk too.Love to "meet" your sister!Next show you must do that tee thing...:)))I have news,in fact two news:I got two awards for my store products.=good publicity=many visits!:)))It was so fun!And unexpected!
Have a nice week!

Debsparkles said...

Thanks for sharing with us again Donna, glad it was a good show, the pic's make me wish I could have been there.

jackie klish said...

What a fabulous show! Thanks for the wonderful tour. I've got to get there next year. It was great meeting you the week before in your home town,too. I'll be in touch. Jackie,