Friday, April 18, 2008


Harley Rider Fairy
Comes from an enchanting place.
She began as a spirit of wind,
See the magic in her face.
A mixture of leather, denim, fringe,
Crystal, and gold,
She delights in the dreams
Of both the young and the old
Who disregard confining rules,
Who dare to be free.
She protects and guards them fiercely
Without apology.
A creation from "The Young At Heart"
To place by your side,
Whether you soar in fantasy
Or on a Harley ride.
--margaret fodor butcher

This is the first of my "Harley Rider" fairies, and was done as a special order. She was a lot of fun to design and create! My husband and I love taking trips on our Harley. I hope to have a chance to create another one soon.

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