Thursday, April 17, 2008


I love to design and create "Fairy Scenes", and have done several of these very detailed creations as "special orders". My first one was for a "lamp-work" bead artist. Here is a photo of the one I did for her.

The artist sent me some of her own lamp work beads to include in her scene, and little materials that she used in her work. Below is her comments after receiving her "Lampwork" bead fairy.

"I got home just now and guess what was waiting for me at the door, yes the bead fairy. We are still marveling over your artwork and the detailed work and beauty of it. Still cannot figure out where to display her. My husband was so pleased, since he was the one that helped me get into beading years ago, and we think you went above and beyond in your design work with this piece, the scene is beyond words. This piece has very fond meanings for us and I thank you."

I also met a wonderful lady, who created beautiful, wearable art in the form of knitting. Here is the "Knitting Fairy Scene", which I designed for her as a special order.

This scene has the little fairy actually knitting a teeny, tiny scarf, with needles I created! Now, that was a challenge...! She has baskets full of little balls of her favorite yarns, and even little wooden, hand-painted books on knitting.

The scene below was a "special order" for a wonderful lady who was a "healer". It depicts "color therapy", crystals and more.

If you would like to help design/create a "special" scene of your own, or for a friend, please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss what we could come up with. You may see other of my "Fairy Scenes" out on my YOUNG AT HEART web page under the link "FAIRY SCENES".

If you are a knitter, or an avid reader, I have several of those show out on my web page also.


Inspiration Alley said...

I love your work, it's so beautiful and whimsical.


Inspiration alley....Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment!

I appreciate it!