Thursday, April 17, 2008


While I have been designing and creating fiber sculpted mermaids for quite a few years, I never thought of designing a mermaid with wings!

This stunning creature was born, when a very talented poet, contacted me through my YOUNG AT HEART web page. She was wondering if I could create such a creature to go with her poem. After reading her poem, this is what I came up with. Below you will see photos of the SILVER WINGED MERMAID, and also Margaret was so kind as to share her poem.

(A Modern Day Myth With A Twist)
She is a New Age Siren,
How seductively she sings.
Across many rivers her lover
Scans the waves for her wings,
While his land-loving lady,
Whom he thinks is unaware
Of the strange bond between them,
Knows, but in truth, does not care.

Fly like a bird Mermaid Woman,
Fly on silver wings,
Touch the heart, mind and soul
Of the lover in your dreams.
Fly modern day siren
To the golden ringed man on the shore.
Lift up in astral flight,
Meet in the night and mystically soar
margaret butcher

I will be sharing some of Margaret's other poems out here in the near future.

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