Saturday, May 29, 2010


The past several weeks I've been doing some investigating on where to place some adverts "on line" or in "FAERIE magazines" to advertise my  fiber fantasy creations.

I was amazed to find that there are a lot of "Faerie Festivals" going on throughout the world!  While I thought most of them were held in the UK, I was happy to find that the USA and other countries also hold these magical events!

For those of you who love faeries and anything connected with them, as I do, I will be listing several FAERIE FESTIVAL links below.  Perhaps there is one in your area that you may want to attend. CLICK on the links below to learn more about each event.

JUNE 5  - Fairy Festival at Summers Past Farms, Flinn Springs, CA, USA

JUNE 18 - 20 - 3 Wishes Faery Fest - Cornwall, England

JUNE 19 - Thistledown Faerie Festival - Bonduel, WI USA

JUNE 19 - Midsummer Fairy Frolic - Middleboro, Massachusetts, USA

JUNE 25 - 27 -New York Faerie Festival - Ouaquaga, New York, USA

JUNE 25 - 27 - Fairy & Human Relations Congress, North Cascades, Washington, USA

JULY 30 - Aug. 1st - FaerieWorlds Festival - Eugene, Orgeon, USA

There are more around to be sure, but this should give you an idea of where all the magical people hang out!  I will list links for any "Festivals" held in August, September and November in another post, so be sure to stop back for a visit.

I also found several great "Faerie Magazines" and online FAERIE web magazine....

FAERIE MAGAZINE - Where you will find tons of delightful, magical articles, photos, information and more!  Just click on the magazine's title to get to their website.

FAE - Faeries and Enchantment - Articles on "fairy fashions", "music", "marketplace", "faery horoscopes" and a lot more!

FAE NATION - Visit this site to find a wide array of categories to explore .... Faery Lore, Art & Illustrations, Events, Books & Magazines, Gifts & Collectibles, Poetry & Prose, Home & Garden...and lots more!

I plan on giving periodic updates to where all the "faerie happenings" are occuring, along with other magical info on the wee folks.

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ennadoolf said...

I always think it's neat when people talk about Brownies (aka 'almost' Girl Guides or Girl Scouts) and in many countries the Brownies don't wear brown ... because a brownie is another word for a faerie or imp or elf or ...
Great post!