Sunday, June 6, 2010

FIBER JEWELRY....The newest trend in jewelry. Be unique!

Handknit Ribbon Yarn Necklace with Swarovski crystal accent pendant


A couple of weeks ago I was reading an article that said the trend towards "fiber jewelry"  is the latest thing!    I had this idea over a year ago to start creating fiber fantasy jewelry, and the above necklace is my latest design. 

While I sold 30 of my fiber fantasy necklaces, which included many different styles, at my art show this past November, I have the feeling that people in my area are a bit behind the times when it comes to trying something new and innovative.

How about the other areas of the world.?  I've seen a wonderful array of fiber jewelry ....necklaces, brooches, earrings, etc. on Etsy and was wondering how other artists are doing with their creations.  It would be fun to hear from others who design/create fiber jewelry.  Perhaps, in the near future, I will gather a group of these fiber artist together and do a special post here on DZFANTASY showing the different styles and designs.

I am working on a pair of matching earrings for the above necklace.  I currently have a wide variety of necklaces, necklace/face pin sets, fiber earrings and more in my DZFANTASY shop.

SPECIAL SALE ON ALL FIBER JEWELRY IN MY DZFANASY SHOP - JUNE 7th - JUNE 11th - $5.00 off any piece of fiber jewelry.  Refund will be given via PayPal, or you may contact me prior to purchase and I will adjust the price of the item, before you pay.  CLICK on the image below to get to my shop.


Sheryl said...

I'm not a fiber artist but I just love the combination of the texture, colors and design, and how the light plays on the ribbon weave. Very nice! I think that that medium will become more popular because it's different -- keep me posted!


Thanks for your comment, Sheryl. Sometimes it seems to take people awhile to embrace something that is different! Hugs, DZ