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Welcome, Amy Lindner, who has a shop called FABULOUS PANTS out on Etsy. I always find it so much fun to see all the different types of work out on Etsy, and love to hear what each and everyone of the artists or crafters have to say about what motivates them and how they got started. These pants look like a lot of fun to wear!

Read below, to hear in Amy's own words, how FABULOUS PANTS came into being!

What led you to start creating your art or craft?

I began sewing in 1997, when I joined the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society. I needed costumes, so one of the members of the group taught me how to use a sewing machine. Soon after, I started bellydancing, and I needed even more costumes. Eventually the hot summers of Illinois were too much for me when I was dancing in the studio. I wanted to have some sort of pants that I could not only wear for dancing that were lighter than sweatpants, but also more stylish. Our troupe would go out for drinks or dinners after studio sessions, and I hated having to lug a gigantic bag of clothing changes with me so that I could go from one venue to the other. Also, my closets were starting to overflow with costume pieces I could only wear in specific locations. I decided to research different world pants and see if I could find a solution to my problems. I found a Balinese and Indonesian design of wrap pants that needed a bit of tweaking, but eventually they really hit the mark. From there I started branching out into more bellydance clothing as well as other clothing and craft items.

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

I decided to pick luxurious sari and brocade fabrics that would look good not only for dance practice and performance, but could also be worn to dinner parties, concerts, weddings, and basically anyplace I wanted. As an added plus they were great conversation starters for different social situations. I always look for high quality fabrics with great luster and texture. Soon, though, I may branch out into a less expensive line that are cotton based fabrics.

What aspect of creating your art or craft do you find the most enjoyable?

I love all parts of making my pants and costume pieces. Fabric hunting is probably my most favorite part. Nothing is more enjoyable to me than looking though fabric shops and sari shops and finding that perfect piece of cloth. I also really like sitting at the machine and watching all the pieces come together. You usually have an idea of what the finished pairs of pants or top are going to look like, but sometimes it turns out even more stunning that you originally thought it would. I love it when that happens!

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art or craft?

I would like to have people feel beautiful and confident by wearing my creations. I try to make my clothing one size fits most, that way most people are not limited to select pieces. There is nothing worse to me than going to a store and finding something I really want that does not come in my size. That is one of the other great things about the pants design, even if you yo-yo in weight, you can still keep the pants around. They are fully adjustable to your current size up to a waist of 45 inches. I also want to convey the idea of trying to have fewer items that serve multiple purposes. I love multipurpose clothing.

What advice do you have for other artists/crafters?

Being pretty new to the Etsy world and the idea of selling my items, I am not sure that I have too much advice yet. I always did this before because I enjoyed making items, but I finally took the plunge to sell items when friends and family encouraged me to. I would say that if you really love it, want to do it, and believe in your product, you should go for it.

Thanks, Amy, for taking the time to share your work and thoughts. Love the pants! Be sure to visit FABULOUS PANTS by clicking on any of the photos below, to go directly to that item in Amy's shop or click on the link below the photos to go to her shop. Also, visit Amy's other links below.



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