Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mermaid on Real Sugar Starfish

Tiny Fiber Sculpted MERMAID on SUGAR STARFISH!

Lately, the mermaids have been calling to me!!! Here is my latest mermaid creation...! She is permanently attached to a real sugar starfish, and is offering her gifts from the sea! Designing and creating a tiny sitting mermaid like this takes many more hours than my tiny wall style mermaids.

Through the use of inner wire armatures, I finally manged to get her in just the right pose, so that she could be permanently cemented to the starfish. Since there wasn't any way to "clamp" her to the starfish, while the cement dryed...I had to sit and hold her to the starfish for about 25 minutes! I really must try and find a better of doing that!

She is full of fun and has a colorful, glistening Italian yarn hairdo, which I accented with a crown designed of Swarovski crystals and reall sea shells. She also has a waist accent of Swarovski crystals, and real sea shells, as well as a crystal necklace, belly button, and crystals in the upper portion of her tail. She is holding an offering of sea shells, glass fish bead, and Swarovski crystals.

If you'd like to learn more about her, be sure to visit her in my DZFANTASY Etsy shop by clicking on her link below.




She is fabulous!! :0)

twenty pound tabby said...

I'm sitting here, adding the beaded hair to my tiny mermaid and I wander over to your blog, only to see you've got a gorgeous, elaborate mermaid. It definitely put me back into a mermaid mood.