Saturday, October 11, 2008


Twinkling Gold Aspen Tree

I just got back from a delightful vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My husband and I have been going out there around this time of the year for quite some time now.

I always look forward to seeing the "gold in the hills".....bright, yellow, twinkling aspen trees. They are so magical, when you see them twinkling in the sun, that they remind me of fairy trees! They are such a contrast to the dark green of the pines in the hills. One of my favorite spots in the "hills" is Spearfish Canyon, with its crystal clear trout streams, pines and high bluffs. Below are several photos I took while in Spearfish Canyon, SD.

There is this crystal clear trout stream running through the canyon, and also a waterfall. One could see the trout in the stream.
While taking a walk through the canyon, I happened upon this tiny tree with the unique shaped trunk, which was growing out of a huge rock! Had to have a picture of that!
This is another portion of the stream, which I took looking down at it from a bridge. It would be hard for anyone to walk through this wonderful area and not feel the "magic".
While it is always fun to take a vacation, I'm also always happy to get back home.....I can't be away from making my fantasy creations for too long! I even take some of them along to work on while driving out and coming home! Now that I'm back, I have a lot of new "Features", and "Giveaways", and new designs planned for my DZFANTASY blog and DZFANTASY shop on Etsy, so be sure to stop back. You won't want to miss out on the "giveaways" coming up for November.


LisaLisa said...

Wow..what wonderful photos. I'm glad you are back and I hope you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!!

Michael said...

Fall is beautiful in The Hills - any photos of last week's snow?!