Sunday, May 3, 2009


View of the Community Center Lobby

This Saturday I exhibited in my first art show of the season, at the 33rd Annual Audubon Society Art Fair in Madison, Wisconsin. This was the first year the fair was being held in its new location at the Warner Park Community Center.

I was up at 3:30 a.m. to be sure I had time to get our lunch packed (my sister goes with me to all my shows), and the rest of the things packed in the van. My sister arrived at 5:30 a.m. and off we went! Since this was a new location for the show, we weren't quite sure where it was, but felt confident that we would have no problem finding it as my sister brought along her new GPS system. We programed in our destination address and away we went! Well, all went well until we were just about into Madison, when a bunch of construction barrels threw me off and I went "right" instead of going straight. That was when the GPS really came in handy, ( I especially liked how it talked to us) and it kept "reevaluating" our directions. After a lot of laughing and "reevaluating of directions", we finally arrived at our destination.

Before the show opened.

My booth was on the left side, with the black gridwall

Our booth ended up being in the gym, and the grey plastic they had covered the gym floor with didn't make for a very appealing atmosphere, but we could understand that they didn't want the floor scratched or ruined from all the different booth setups.

There were about 60 indoor booths and about the same amount of outdoor booths.

My sister, Dianne, my display artist!

She is really good at finding just the right spot for each creation!

Jungle Spirit in her display!

Were the sales good.....NO! This is probably the worst show for sales I've had in over 5 years! I just barely broke even with the show fees and gas. YES, the bad economy is truly affecting artist's sales at shows. It was a far cry from shows where I have sold as many as 30 creations. At yesterday's show I only sold a total of 7 pins and two fairies!!

While there are always a few exceptions, the general mood from artists at the show was that sales, if any, were way down!! There was a lot of grumbling going on behind the scenes.

A very talented artist across from us, who designed the most exquisite glass mosaic pieces sold a very expensive piece of art and several lesser priced pieces, but a jewelry artist friend of mine who always has done well at whatever show she was in, said she also just barely made the show fees and expenses.

The picture above doesn't reflect the gorgeous work of this artist. The designs of flower, birds, and more were fantastic. My sister purchased one of her smaller pieces...a beautiful robin scene ($195.00).

If you'd like to see more of the beautiful mosaic art of Laura Harris, pay a visit to her web site below:


Both Laura and her husband, Jack, were delightful neighbors to have at this show. Both my sister and I enjoyed being able to look at such beautiful art all day! Very inspiring.

These delightful, colorful creations are the designs of Mary L. Hager, a 3-D Mixed media artist. Mary's work is some of the most colorful, whimsical, work you could ever hope to see! I will be doing a "feature" on Mary in the coming weeks, with more photos of her enchanting figures, from seahorses, to flying frogs and more. In the meantime, if you'd like to see more of Mary's art, visit her website below:


While it was a disappointing show for "sales", we still had a fun time talking to people, meeting some of our old customers, and artist friends.

I'm still smiling, and looking forward to seeing what the next show brings! One never could be a good one!


Elaine said...

I'm really sorry the show wasn't more of a financial success. I'm sure the economy is really hurting everyone, even people not directly affected because they're afraid they may be next.

Good luck on the next one!


Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Elaine!

We still had fun. Always do!

If other artists would like to leave comments on their show would be fun to hear from you.

tom said...

Too bad the show was disappointing monetarily, but I'm glad you had fun, got to see new people's art, met some new people and had a fun day.


Thanks, Tom, for taking the time to leave a comment!