Monday, May 4, 2009



by Cali Klein

Cali of CALIKLEIN on Etsy has some exquisitely designed earrings and necklaces in her shop. I was just out there taking a look around, and found one creation to be prettier than the next. Cali uses semiprecious and precious stones and beads along with sterling silver to design her beautiful jewelry.

She also has a wide select in both the necklace and earring categories, so be sure to pay CALIKLEIN a visit. You just might find something that you can't do without!

What led you to start creating your art/craft, and how did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?

The way I got into making jewelry is a bit unorthodox. . . The truth of the matter is, I was bored with the jewelry I was seeing everywhere and oftentimes it was way too expensive. . . so I started making jewelry for myself. People would stop me and ask me where I bought the earrings or necklace I was wearing. When I told them that I made them, they would ask if I could make something for them. One person even bought a necklace off of my neck! After a while, my jewelry making habit began to be a very expensive one, so I decided I should start selling the pieces I made instead of just keeping them for myself!

What aspect of creating your art/craft do you find the most enjoyable?

My favorite aspect about making jewelry is that each piece can be so different from the next. I love making one of a kind pieces because they feel special. I also love hunting for beautiful semiprecious and precious stones. I want to make women feel even more beautiful! I think jewelry is a great form of self expression and it's a wonderful way to complete an outfit.

If you had to choose a fruit OR a vegetable to describe your art/craft, what would you choose and why?

The fruit that best describes my jewelry would probably be mango because much of my jewelry is vibrant in color and a little bit exotic.

If you had to choose one other medium in which to display your "creativity", what would that be and why?

I also display my creativity with industrial design, design research, and drawing & painting.

What advice do you have for other artists/crafters?

The only real advice I'd give to other crafters would be to make what you love! I believe that if the things you make are things that you'd want to own, others are bound to want whatever it is you're making and selling.

Cali, it was fun having you out on DZFANTASY as a featured artist. Your work is beautiful! Keep on creating!

Don't forget now, be sure to pay a visit to CALIFKLEIN.

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Baroness Bijoutery said...

Great feature as alway Donna...Love that necklace but then I'm do love pearls...