Saturday, June 6, 2009


Stunning Lime Green Vintage Prom Dress from 1956

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Going back to "earlier times" is a fascinating trip down memory lane. I'm happy to have THE LOST & FOUND as a featured Etsy shop here on DZFANTASY.

Maryann, the owner of THE LOST & FOUND has a wonderful selection of items for you to choose from....vintage clothing, dresses, a large variety of vintage jewelry, miscellaneous vintage items and more. Be sure to take time to stroll down memory lane at THE LOST & FOUND.


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If you see something you just can't live without, THE LOST & FOUND is offering a 10% discount to anyone who mentions my blog name "DZFANTASY". All you have to do is contact Maryann through the "contact link" in her shop. Mention that you saw her feature on DZFANTASY, and she will give you a 10% discount.

Now let's learn a little bit about how/why THE LOST & FOUND came to be!

What motivated you to get into selling “vintage” items?

I have always loved vintage "stuff". Even as a young child, I loved searching through my grandma's house for the coolest treasures; from scarves that can put you into a different time and place, to beautiful day dresses that take you back to a simpler time. I just love it all-- and what made sense was to take my love for great vintage and make it into a part time career!

Is there any category of vintage items that intrigues you the most?

I definitely love the clothes of the 1940's. During that time period, it seemed a woman could wear an amazing day dress, great peek-a-boo heels, throw her hair up in a twist, tie on an apron and be amazingly beautiful! Less was definitely more and I like that! Not that the women back then didn't spend time on themselves, but it wasn't over done like today's standards.

What aspect of finding and selling vintage items do you find the most enjoyable?

I get to shop, shop and shop. Then I get to shop some more, and then keep what I find until I sell it... or I just keep it if it's too fabulous to let go! The whole process is enjoyable!

What vintage item would you love to find, that you haven’t already seen or sold?

I would love to be able to find an amazing chenille bedspread similar to my Nana's. It was a super soft pink chenille with gorgeous white and light spring green flowers. I am not sure what happened to it after she passed away, but I would love to find something similar and keep it for my daughters.

What advice do you have for others in the selling or collecting of vintage items?

Keep on keeping on! If you love vintage, then find great quality vintage pieces that strike you. Buy what you love-- don't buy items that you think customers might like-- buy what you love!

What is the most interesting or exciting piece of vintage that you have found to date?

It's funny, because I just listed it yesterday! I just aquired this gorgeous vintage prom dress from 1956. It's a beautiful lime green, floor length dress with lace, taffeta and tulle. It does have some wear, but it is so darn pretty! I can just imagine what the young lady looked like back at the prom in 1956; dress on, hair done up, make-up done by her mom, clutch in hand.

Thanks, Maryann for taking us on a trip down memory lane with all of your vintage items!

Don't forget now, if you see something in THE LOST & FOUND that you'd like to make your own, just contact Maryann for a 10% discount by mentioning DZFANTASY.



Maryann said...

Thanks so much! It looks fantastic!

Quirks said...

that dress looks beautiful! great shop :)