Wednesday, June 17, 2009


(I bet you can guess, which one is Snow!)

These two little guys are sooooooo spoiled as they have the run of the house! They have a regular flight path from their cage or playground to circle the dining room and then back again.

They go zooming over our heads, and for some reason they like to "buzz" my husband's head when he is sitting at the kitchen table.

It is very hard to catch them sitting still for any length of time, especially if they see me coming t0wards them with my camera, so it was really fun to get a few shots of them this morning.

Here they are on their playground, which is directly across from their huge cage. A starling happened to be out on the bird feeder when I caught this shot.


I've always had birds, usually parakeets, and for many years have always had a pair of them. They are cheery little creatures and it is fun to watch how they interact with each other.

These two get along pretty well together...of course, once in a while one or the other has too prove who is top bird by getting to the favorite swing first and not letting the other on it! It doesn't matter that both swings are the same!

They can really get to making a lot of noise with their chatter, but I couldn't imagine a home without some pet in it. My husband especially loves that when he is trying to watch TV...! One sits on the playground and the other on their cage and they talk back and forth with each other. It is a wonder they don't get sore throats with all the noise they make!


What would we do without "furry or feathery" friends to brighten our lives.


by Patricia Wood said...

They are lovely! We have one at home too, Daisy, and you are right, it just makes the house happier:)

Have a lovely day,


I'm Julia said...

They're beautiful! Several people have told me the white ones tend to be extra sweet.

I love the sound of a bird in the house. My little yellow budgie never warmed up to me, but she whistles & sings & talks to the bird in the mirror.

afineday said...

They're cute!

belinha said...

I like these birds so much!I had parakeets all my life! I stopped 3 months ago but I must get some new ones.How are you?It has been so long since my last visit here.So many new things to see!I've been busy-I will write an email telling abot my last month.
A Biiiiiiiiiiig hug!