Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FLOWER FAIRIES....to wear!

Whimsical "FLOWER FAIRY" pin and necklace set

For the past couple of months now I've been drawn to creating various styles of "fairy and flower" fiber fantasy jewelry!  The colorful "flower fairy" shown above is not only a pin, which can be worn alone, alongside the necklace, but can also be pinned onto the handknit necklace.

The yarn used for this flower fairy is so exquisite in its colors and texture.  It is a gorgeous yarn from Karabella Yarns and is called JEWELS!  I have it in several different color combinations, so you will be seeing more of this fun yarn in various designs.

I just started putting clasps onto some of my necklaces, and couldn't believe how long it took me to get one of those little "jump rings" on!  I'm sure it doesn't take all you jewelry artists out there as long as it did me!!  lol!  I guess I will have to practice a bit.

I'm trying to decide if one of these fairy pin/necklace sets would be a good idea for my next giveaway, so if any of you out here have a comment.....I'd love to hear it!

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