Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feel Magical....! Fiber Fantasy Earrings..."Over the Rainbow"

Fun, Colorful and Magical!

Fiber and Swarovski Crystals...!

I just finished this colorful pair of "fantasy earrings", which are a new addition to my fiber fantasy jewelry line.  They are really charming, with all the colors of the rainbow, and Swarovski crystals to make them sparkle and shine.

I'm patiently waiting (or I really should say "impatiently" waiting to take all of my new designs/creations to my first art show coming up on May 1st in Madison, WI.  (more information about the show will be coming in a couple of weeks)

This pair of earrings is one of about 33 different "fiber fantasy" earrings I have created to date. This pair and several others have been listed in my Etsy shop.

Below is a "flower fairy pin and handknit matching necklace" that was created using the same beautiful, rainbow ribbon yarn as for the earrings.

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