Tuesday, April 14, 2009



This "Garden Fairy Giveaway" has a new twist to it, so please be sure to read the rules below!
START DATE: 4/14/09

END DATE: 5/14/09

PRIZE: 1 - 15" wall style fiber sculpted fairy

ELIGIBILITY: Open worldwide

VALUE: $95.00


1. Each entry/comment must contain a name for the fairy! Use your imaginations....! Give the fairy a name!
2. In order to have a valid entry, your comment MUST have an email address or a link to one, and a NAME for the fairy. I will be contacting people via their emails, so that is why it is important to leave a means of getting a hold of you.

3. At the close of the giveaway on May 14th, I will randomly select 5 entries. The 5 people whose entries were randomly selected will be notified that their "fairy name" will be entered into a poll to see which name gets the most votes.
The "fairy name" with the most votes will be the WINNER of this delightful garden fairy.

A poll will be posted out here on DZFANTASY listing the 5 fairy names, which were randomly selected. I will keep the poll open for votes from May 15th - May 22, at which time the name with the most votes will be the WINNER of the fairy.
It will be up to YOU, the readers, as to who wins the "THE "GARDEN FAIRY" GIVEAWAY!
If anyone has ANY questions, please feel free to contact Donna at: dzfairies@msn.com


This is the tallest of my wall style fairies. She measures 15" tall from the tip of her toes to the tip of her wings.
Her face is 100% silk fabric, which I individually handdrew, needlesculpted and handpainted.
Her body/wing fabric is a a pattern of colorful flowers. I've accented the flowers on her front with Swarovski crystals and a gold metal butterfly charm. She is wearing a straw hat accented with silk flowers and Swarovski crystals.




snowmermaid said...

Seedonna,Fairy of the Arbors

mverno said...

fellamia the fairy mverno@roadrunner.com


passion flower the fairy

linett said...

Olivia, center of my heart

Elsie said...

"Catmint Cher"

The Garden Fairy


Joby said...

Gardenia the Floral fairy!
I love her

Kat said...

Floribunda The Free Flowering Fairy


janil said...
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Love the names....keeping them coming.


janil said...

Spring Fairy!!!It seems announce the Spring arriving!!!!

So Beautiful Donna!!!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

jffryclough said...


Nichola said...


nicholakleyle at hotmail dot com

toughturtles said...


cathirushing said...

I like the name mattie luciel

Shelley K. said...

Eve the Queen of the Flower Fairies


AmandaK said...

I like the name Isis- The Spring Garden Fairy!


ennadoolf said...

When I saw her, the name Perennial came to mind!

ennadoolf [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Have you had a Flora Fairy yet? She's beautiful:)

PlumValleyDesigns said...



PlumValleyDesigns said...

Arbor "Rita" ( a spin off from arboretum)

Linda L Lanese said...

My name for the Garden Fairy is:

“SHARMILA” meaning "comfort, protection"


Shari said...

What a sweet fairy princess. Her name is right there, tattooed on her wing: Verbena. I just think she should get something a bit more formal because she is a princess so...Lady Verbena is my choice. Thanks for the opportunity.

scrap-n-away said...

Buttercup Goddess of Spring

Mimi said...

She is gorgeous... the name that came to me is: Flora Fantasia
Thanks for the chance to win!

kdkdkd said...

Summer - the garden fairy

debe said...

Princess Fernita of the Secret Garden

debefree39 @ hotmail.com

Shirley said...

Cher-a-lyn. I decided on this name because her face, hair and body reminded me of Cher.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

FIORENZO (Italian meaning 'blossoming')

Donna, I'm presenting you with the Renee award, Please stop by my blog to pick it up♥

Laura said...

She is beautiful!

How about: Angelicawhich is a type of flower that means "inspiration".

Anonymous said...

Well she is LOVELY! I am loving someone wants to name her CHER lol (my name) but I am thinking..and looking at her...I think she is perdy cool looking for sure. Let's try: Petals of Spring..how's that? Luv her! ty for the chance too...your work is GORGY! Cher

I am now a follower as well...just might have to get me one of your delish fairies!

crochetbymsa said...

I choose the name "Violetta" for the gorgeous springtime garden fairy.


Purva said...


She is adorable! I would call her 'Bagicha' which means garden in Hindi.


Ashley said...

Wow...Your work is beautiful. I'm in awe.
Adamina is adorable and it means 'of the Earth' which seems appropriate for a caretaker of the garden.
Aletta and Alita have similar meanings, the first means 'winged one', the second, small winged.
This name sounds too rough, but it is actually the first name I thought of, Chlora (you know...like chorophyll..) ANYWAY! Awesome giveaway! Thank you..
~kittycatfreak94@hotmail.com~ (don't ask! I made it when I was like nine :))

EJ said...

I'd name her Titania, after Shakespeare's fairy in a Midsummer Night's Dream.

Evidently, this was where fairies first got their wings and became lovely nature figures, rather than mean fallen angels.

gmail: bloglessinnj

Amanda said...


queenoftheclick said...

Claudette, the Garden Fairy

tom said...

I'd name her Athena who is the goddess of wisdom, proving once again that brains and beauty often come together.

My gmail address is tomknit

Lynn said...

I think she is just GORGEOUS!!
I've just looked at all the pretty names people have came up with; and I thought up one too!

"Flowering Herbalista"

Vicki said...

How about "Botanica" for her name? She is really beautiful!


keep the names coming!! Great ideas! DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE A MEANS OF GETTING IN CONTACT WITH YOU!!

MaggieM said...

So many great name offers so far, I offer up:

Lady Lavender
Princess Peony

I'll try to come up with some more names when I'm not so tired. She's just beautiful, Donna.


MaggieM said...

How about "Zaida", pronounced Zay-dah, Arabic origin, it means "lucky, fortunate and prosperous", just like Spring flowers:)


Jersey said...

Beautiful - amazing. She would love living with me :-)

How about Angelina? The little angel.

gmail = jerseyjessie

Lynniemay said...

Thanks for the Fun contest!

Yep....."Flowering Herbalista"

danosor said...

How about"Princess Fantasia"

Tumbleweed Trails said...

What a fun giveaway. Can't wait for the poll no matter which names are chosen. This is super fun.

I would like to name her: Lily Mae



Tumbleweed Trails said...

I'm not sure if we can enter more than one name. This is my second comment. If we aren't suppose to leave more than one, then please ignore this and just use my first one since it is the first one I sent in. The other name I like is:

Honeysuckle Rose



Michelle Ames said...

I think her name is Ingenium. It's Latin for "nature" and sounds beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Her name is Sproutalia...well cause she just happens to make flowers and nature sprout up and grow wherever she passes on through; a bit of sparkly seeds always fly out from her magical straw hat and onto the earth below and spring to life quicker than the time it takes a human being to finish sneezing.

FUN making up a name..great contest idea!!!


Sylvia said...

She takes my breath away.

I suggest you name her Sylvia. Not just because that is my name, but because it is so appropriate. It comes from the same word as sylvan and means: a mythical deity or spirit of the woods according to my dictionary. Perfect right?

gmail: weyuker

Threadlove Embroidery Designs said...

She's beautiful. A good name would be Antheia. Antheia was the Greek goddess of vegetation, lowlands, marshlands, gardens, blossoms, the budding earth, and human love.

peachtree said...

Darling Zelenka

peachtree said...

ZELENKA means innocent and fresh; Darling is what she is and also gives her the initials of her creator!

Rachel O said...

I was going to suggest Verdant since that means covered with plants and sounded nice. But then I noticed that Verdandi is the Norse goddess of the present (as opposed to the past or future). So I propose either Verdant or Verdandi or maybe
Verdant the Dandy Fairy.

I love her.

hotmail address - dadofra

Coastal Sisters Too said...

Oh how fun....another giveaway?!!!! My my my, you are TOO sweet and giving! Your faeries always make me think back to the movie THE DARK CRYSTAL and I loved the character of Kira, so my name for her would be Kira :) Thanks Donna for being soooo generous!! Lisa **email is ltwieland@aol.com

Splash said...

Blossom the Enchanted Fairy.

Donna, thanks for giveaway! :)


S Denton said...

Magical Mossy Melantha

Baroness Bijoutery said...

I think I would name her
"Flirtatious Fern" the Garden Fairy. With that beautiful green mane of hair it reminds me of a wispy fern plant amoung the flowers..
Beautiful creations as always...


Elaine said...

I'd name her Mirabella.

It sounds nice, it is roughly "look at her beauty" also Mira is the name of a variable star and comes from the same root as miraculous, so I guess it could be "beautiful miracle" or "beautiful star"

Yikes, I love her!

hotmail - elweyu

etrnlone said...

i would name her Lilly queen of the garden.

Magickal Enchantments said...

She is sooo lovely! She does spark the imagination.
ok, here are a few...
Bella Earth Faerie

Spring Maiden

Spring Garden Maiden

Jewel of Nature

Garden Jewel Faery

Emerald Garden Fairy

Garden Moon Fairy

I hope that wasnt to many, lol.
Thanks for all your wonderful giveaways, so generous of you!
Brightest Blessings and good luck to all who entered!

Magickal Enchantments said...

Sorry, forgot to leave my email:
Thanks again,

Carla said...

Fantasia Fay

popofra (AT) hotmail

She really is a beauty!

ktgonyea said...

Earth fairy :)

ktgonyea @gmail.com

sinead said...

I name her abundata blossoming.Wow what an amazing imagination you have,they are very beautiful. quiltersinead@gmail.com

Gunilla Rehn said...

My suggestion is PRIMULA Garden Fairy. The primula is the first flower we see here in Sweden when spring arrives.

Inspiration By Karen said...

My suggestion for her name would be May Bouquet Fairy

Kyndra said...

I would name her Edy, short for Eden, from the first garden.

themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

sstraw8312 said...

Ariel le Jardin

Debbie Criss said...

Would love to win for my friend. I would call her Doairy. Short for Donna and fairy.

DEBIJOT said...

Meadow Lark

She looks like she should be flitting about the meadows.

mysticwynd said...

how about the Butterfly Garden Fairy?

My e-mail is sales@mysticwynd.com

Good luck everyone!

blabla3269 said...

its a irish good luck charm

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about the short, but sweet, DEVI, which is a
Hindi name derived from Sanskrit devi meaning goddess.

Maxrocks said...


Bonnie in FL said...

Pricess Ivy Blue Bell

love her

Alice said...

Of course the name has to be ...Hedgenina


Ľubaša said...

Mossy Fairy

micaela6955/Michele P. said...

What a gorgeous fairy!

My daughter said she should be named DEJA after her, she also liked the name Spryte (like Sprite soda)

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Erma said...


SeahorseLady said...

She's beautiful! I would name her Shaylee, which is Celtic for Fairy Princess of the field.

Anonymous said...

How about Angel Rose-

Pam said...


It's the Roman name that means "Goddess of the woodlands, the moon, hunting, wild animals - and of chastity"

Since she looks like a woodlands fairly.


Pam said...

It's the Celtic/Gaelic which means "Violet Flower".


Pam said...


It's the Latin for "Flower".


Anonymous said...


It's Latin for "Beautiful flower".


Anonymous said...

It's Celtic/Gaelic for "Fairy princess of the field".


k-team said...

How about plain old "Bloom, the Garden Fairy"

Anonymous said...

Lady Verbina - Fairy Queen of the Flowers

I adore your creations! Thank you for this opportunity. :)

katco64 at aol dot com

michelle lopez said...

BONITA BLOSSOMS bill110@optonline.net

masonsgranny59 said...

flower power pretty girl fairy:)

Salleefur/Jesslyn/Jesster said...

Donna, I just love your creation - you must have so much fun and love creating your Fairies - and it shows!

This will sound weird, but something about the hair and the facial features made me immediately think of CHER!

So, with that stuck in my head - I came up with Cher Princess Printemps (Cher as in dear or precious) Princess of Spring.

yomomma said...


Anonymous said...

Dezzi's Fantasy

kathy pease said...

cherie fairy :)

Deb K said...

Too Cute!

I think she looks like Seaweed Sarah!

lezanac said...

Floridia lezanac@yahoo.com

Gianna said...

Flora the Forest Fairy.. My mom would just love this :)

Anonymous said...

This place is cool. The fairy reminds me of Renee. and that's a good name for her.

lilyk said...

I would name her Esmeralda, Fairy of the Meadow.


WhingingNinja said...

Elymus is actually the name I chose because of the hair. Elymus is part of a title that is given to a type of grass. Here's the picture of it, http://www.malag.aes.oregonstate.edu/wildflowers/images/04_GreatBasinWildRyeSuccorCreek_1.JPG.w180.jpg