Thursday, April 9, 2009


These beautiful, mystical creatures need our help! Please read the excerpt taken from the NRDC AND BIOGEM website explaining what is going to happen to the wolves in the Northern Rockies, if not enough signatures are received before May 4th, to stop this unwarranted slaughter of God's beautiful creatures.
In 1930, a federal officer shot what was believed to be the last wolf in Yellowstone National Park. Thanks to the Endangered Species Act and an ambitious reintroduction program, some 1,500 wolves have returned to the northern Rockies, and the howling wolf is once again the icon of western wilderness.
But recently, Interior Secretary Salazar rubber-stamped a Bush-era plan to kick the wolves of the northern Rockies off the endangered species list and leave them vulnerable to mass killing. More than 600 wolves wolves could be caught in the crossfire of state-sponsored wolf hunts. NRDC is filing suit in federal court to block this disastrous policy. It’s a fight we’ve won before. In the summer of 2008, NRDC and 11 other conservation groups compelled the Bush administration to abandon its first attempt to strip wolves of their protection when we made the case that the wolves had not fully recovered. Over this past year, the wolf population of Yellowstone National Park declined 27 percent -- and more than 70% of wolf pups in the park died of disease. NRDC will be fighting in federal court to compel Secretary Salazar to withdraw this disastrous plan and submit it to the kind of rigorous scientific review that the Obama administration has championed on other issues.

Click on the link below to add your signature to the list. A few minutes of your time could help save these beautiful creatures.


belinha said...

Beautifull animal.Life should allways be preserved.Can I sign it? I do not live there!!!!:)


Hi, Belhinha

Thanks for your comment. YES, if you click on the BIG HOWL link it will take you to the form to fill out and you can select your country.

Hope things are going well for you.