Sunday, December 6, 2009


Amethyst Elegance Necklace with a Fiery Spark


The gorgeous amethyst necklace shown above is only one of the many beautifully designed pieces of jewelry that you will find when you visit Donna's Etsy shop, AGERATUM!  Donna has a huge selection of necklaces, earrings, earring/bracelet sets and more, so be sure to stop by for a visit.  Here you will find some great gift ideas, and also great savings.  AGERATUM is offering a "holiday sale" through December 15th!!  Don't miss out!

To find out a bit more about this delightful jewelry artist, read her interview below.

What led you to creating your art/craft?
I've always been inclined to make things myself and have done many kinds of crafts. One day, while visiting our kids in MA, we girls decided that to visit a shop and make our own necklace/etc. would be fun. I have been stringing ever since and can't seem to stop!

How did you decide what medium you wanted to work with?
I've always liked natural stones. My brother cuts gemstones and that probably enhanced my desire to make beautiful things with natural gemstones also. Since then I have branched out into glass and this year I have purchased a set of polymer snowmen for earrings. The thought of using plastic just makes me shudder, although I suppose there are some beautiful plastic beads around.

What aspect of creating your art/craft do you find the most enjoyable?
The finished product - and its NOT finished until its most enjoyable to me!

If you had to chose a fruit OR vegetable, to describe your art/craft, what would you chose and why?
A strawberry. It has such vibrant colors, it starts out as a pretty little green plant, then a beautiful little white flower appears (much like a thought that pops into my head for creating), then it grows into a beautiful red fruit (red, my favorite) that is sweet and tart (down right sassy) and has all those varied little seeds adorning it. Yummy! And quite often they are shaped like little hearts - symbolizing love. That's where my creations come from - the heart.

If you had to chose one other medium in which to dislay your "creativity", what would that be, and why?
Photography. I'm not very good at it, but it just thrills me to capture some of God's handiwork in a still picture. I am learning how to use those few good pics I get to turn them into objects of appreciation. Am I thinking a new etsy shop here??? hmmmm

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art/craft?
Just love one another - be happy, enjoy life. Never give up.

With All My Heart .....
feel so special while wearing this lovely bracelet and earring set .....or give as a gift

What advice do you have for other artists/crafters?

My first thought is "Oh my! I need all the advice I can get!" Not sure if I could help someone else. HA Maybe, just put love into your work, and always do the best you can. Be open to criticism - it is a learning tool, even though it may hurt a little.

Donna, thanks for a delightful interview, and for sharing all of your lovely creations with everyone!  One can tell you really enjoy what you do!

You can visit Donna's shop by clicking on any of the photos below, to go directly to that item, or click on her shop name below the photos, to visit her AGERATUM shop.

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