Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There's still time to enter my FAIRY FACE PIN/KNIT NECKLACE GIVEAWAY!

Click on the link below to learn more about her!

I just finished the above "Fairy Face Pin/Handknit Necklace Set", which I'ved added to my DZFANTASY shop on Etsy.  There is still time to enter my WINNER's CHOICE giveaway where some lucky winner will get to choose one of these "sets" out of any that are left in my shop at the close of the giveaway.  The giveaway will end 12/09/09 - 12:00 midnight.

Since I had over 27 of these sets in my shop before my last art show, where I sold 20 of them, I've been trying to add a few new ones to give the winner a wider choice.

I hope to have a few more added before the close of the giveaway. If you haven't already entered the giveaway, click on the link below to enter:

The pin's can be worn alone, alongside the necklace or anywhere on the necklace to create your own individual style.  They are my own original designs and make a wonderful, magical gift idea.

I'm off to start another one!


Jac-Ber Creations said...

Fantastic giveaway!
I wear my pin to work 2 or 3 times a week and get sooooo many positive comments :-)


How sweet of you to leave a comment here to tell me that! THANKS!!

belinha said...

I'm in!I'm in!
I loved that Ribbon Celtic Tide Creations!So simple and so unique!
Hope you are doing fine my friend!