Thursday, December 31, 2009


Meet "ROMEO"!
What a handsome fellow!

My brother's girlfriend, Colleen, is involved with the Cairn Terrier Rescue Organization, which rescues puppies from "puppy mills", and then looks for "good", "loving" homes for them.

Colleen is currently being foster mom to two little Cairn terriers and Romeo is one of them.  I truly admire all the dedicated people who give of their love, patience and time to help find good homes for these delightful little creatures.

Below you will see several more photos of ROMEO, and Colleen's description of him.  If you have a big heart and a good home, you can contact Colleen (contact info listed at bottom of this post) for more information about adopting ROMEO.  (Only serious inquiries, please)

"Romeo Romeo....Where for art thou Romeo!"

Juliette could not resist the looks and charms of her Romeo and you'll feel the same about this 2-year old boy who is every bit as adorable as his namesake!

Romeo embodies all the classic characteristics of his breed: he's intelligent, independent, curious, tenacious, strong and loving.

Romeo is very energetic and loves to go for long walks and explore the safety of his fenced back yard. An avid hunter...he will scour the terrain for birds and squirrels and give chase whenever he can.

Despite an air of independence, Romeo is also a lover and will flip on his back in a submissive posture, hoping to get a belly rub. He loves to kiss and cuddle and get lots of attention. This is not a dog to be "parked in a corner" or a dog who would be happy in a condo. This is a dog that requires a devoted, terrier-savvy owner who can offer plenty of structure, love and exercise.

Romeo is currently living with a Cairn mix, a Staffordshire Terrier and his co-foster-brother. Romeo may be little, but he has ascended to "alpha dog" position. He plays very well, is considerate with the other dogs and interacts with many dogs both in the neighborhood and at the dog park and has shown no serious signs or aggression or dominance. He would do well in a home with another dog but would be equally at home as an "only dog". He interacts well with the respectful 11-year-old in the household and shows excitement when his friends come to visit.

Romeo is a dog that loves to learn and is eager to accept new challenges. He would likely excel at canine performance sports such as agility, rally or fly ball. He is fast on his feet and wants to please.

Romeo is very obedient when being groomed. He allows his foster mom to brush him. He loves going for car rides although he has a tendency to bark at passersby and motorcycles. He loves to play with toys and engage the other dogs in a game of tug-o-war or keep away.

Romeo has nice leash etiquette, but because he loves the great outdoors, he needs a home with a fenced yard. He has a lot of energy and requires a family who will make him an active participant in family activities...a family who can provide lots of leashed walks...trips to the dog park....playdates.....and can involve him in obedience or agility training. He will not be considered by a family where there is not someone home for the majority of the day.

If you know and love terriers and have the time and dedication needed for this wonderful little man, then Romeo could be the dog for you!

Romeo is neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations, and receives a monthly heartworm and flea tick preventative

Hey, Romeo, I hope you find a loving "forever" home!
If you or anyone you know is looking for a lovable little companion who is sure to bring you a lot of love, devotion and joy, please contact Colleen for more information on ROMEO!
All he asks is that you give him a "forever home", and lots of love and attention!

Colleen Swartz

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1410 E. Belleview Place
Milwaukee, WI 53211


Anonymous said...

Donna, this is GREAT that you did this for us! Thank you so much. I would keep Romeo forever, he is such a good an loving dog, but if I do that, I will have less space in my life (and my house) to help another needy dog, so, I hope we find someone to love my boy. Thank you so much for this and Happy New Year!



Colleen, I will be keeping my fingers crossed that a loving home comes up for Romeo!! I couldn't do what you do, as I couldn't bear to part with them!! You are doing a wonderful thing!!

Here's to a great 2010!!

Love ya,

belinha said...

Oh,my,if I could I would have him.In fact if I could I would have one of each.Hope he can find a home soon!


Belhina...I would love him also, but my husband doesn't want me to have anymore dogs. Grrrrrrr! He is a SWEETY!!