Monday, December 14, 2009

Flower Fairy Face Pin/Handknit Necklace Set...Colorful, Wearable Art by DZFANTASY

Closeup view of fairy pin and handknit necklace

Treat yourself or someone else to a bit of magical whimsey with my latest "flower fairy face pin/handknit necklace" set.  She will definitely bring you a lot of compliments....and who doesn't like those!

The Fairy Face Pin

Her sweet little face is 100% silk fabric, which I individually handdrew, needlesculpted and handpainted!  Each one has their own delightful personality!

Just one of the ways you can wear the "fairy pin" on the necklace!

Another way.....and

another way!

This is what makes these "sets" so much fun.  You can wear the pin alone, alongside the necklace or pin it just about anywhere you like, to achieve your own individual look!

To find out more about her, visit my DZFANTASY shop.  She is newly listed, and you have only 1 more day to receive a 20% discount on any creation in my shop.

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