Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Thanks to a fellow artist and Etsian, TWENTY POUND TABBY, I just discovered how to add either a PAYPAL "BUY IT NOW" button or "ADD TO CART" button on my DZFANTASY blog...along with a VIEW CART button!! 

Now you can sell a piece or pieces of your art right from your blog.  How great is that!  I have just added this feature to an item on my blog at DZFANTASY, if you would like to see what I'm talking about.  The Fairy Face pin is displayed in the upper left column of my blog, with a BUY NOW button, and the VIEW CART button will always be in the upper right column.

Having the VIEW CART button gives people the opportunity to add an item/sto their cart, scroll around your blog and then they can go back and see in an instant what they purchased by clicking on the VIEW CART button.

If you are only having 1 item for sale on your blog you can use the BUY NOW button.  If you intend to have several items for sale, either on your blog or web page, you would use the ADD TO CART button.  Using the ADD TO CART button, would then allow people to go back and see what item/s they have in their cart and purchase them all at one time.

Here is the link to the You Tube Video which explains how to do this in very simple steps.  Click on the link below to see the video:

Now that I discoverd this great option, I plan on having at least 1 or 2 items for sale on my blog.


Erica said...

wow! that is very useful! thanks!


Thanks for the comment, Erica. I was rather happy when I found out how to do that!

ennadoolf said...

hm, so if someone Adds To Cart, do you see a sale? or is it only when sold?

...I am so curious! Thanks for sharing this!


ennadoolf....When you click on ADD TO CART a screen comes up and it shows the item, the total amount, and you would click on the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT link.

You would then proceed to pay as you would with anything else that you purchase using PayPal. Hope that explains it a bit. The VIEW CART link in the UPPER RIGHT column of my blog would let you see what items you have in your cart and you could then followthrough and purchase that way if there were more than 1 items in your cart.

ennadoolf said...

Thanks so much! Good to know!