Monday, July 14, 2008


Now this young lady has a wonderful view of the fair!

This past weekend brought "Art Fair Off the Square" to Madison, WI. After worrying about the weather for most of the week in anticipation of what the weather would be like for the upcoming weekend show, we were blessed with beautiful weather on both Saturday and Sunday! There was a beautiful breeze, and the temperatures were perfect! Previous years, the temperatures were always close to 90 degrees! What more could you ask for, other than a "lot more sales"!

Is the economy affecting the overall sales at art shows...? I would say, from talking to many artists, not only at this show, but at other shows I've done so far this season...the answer is a definite YES IT IS!

There were crowds of people at the show this past weekend, but they tended to be more "lookers" then "buyers". Booths could be crowded with people, but after watching the stream of people for two days, it wasn't hard to notice that there weren't that many with purchases in their hands.

My sales at this show, were down approximately 45% from last year. However, all things considered, by closing time on Sunday, I was still pleased with what I had sold, plus all the wonderful people I got to meet.

Here is shot I took of the side of the street I was on, looking towards the State Capitol building.
Looking out through my booth...hmmm, looks like all the people are across the street...!
Below is a photo of a portion of my display.

This photo is a section of the front portion of my display....with my sister, hidden there in the back!

"Art Fair Off the Square" has a farmer's market on Saturday running from the opening of the show until about 12 noon on Saturday. I took this photo before the show was really open. Once the show was open, you could hardly get through the crowds on the sidewalk..looking and buy all the baked goodies, flowers, and fresh vegetables!

Below is a photo of just one of the booths selling gorgeous bouquets of flowers for only $3.00 - $4.00 a bunch.

The smiling gentleman on the right is Steve Siehr, one of the many people who make Art Fair Off the Square the great show that it is. Steve is the fellow who oversees the "jurying and rules" for the show. You can see Steve strolling around chatting with artists, and making sure that we are all "selling" what our slides said we do, and following the rules of the show! Steve's a great guy and has the perfect personality for this job. Always a smile on his face.

The lady on the right was my next door neighbor, Ursula L. Kauppinen, who has been doing this show for many, many years. She is a wonderful watercolor artist. Darn...I should have got a few photos of her work! Hopefully, next year!

This was one of my neighbors on my other side. Cynthia Mosedale and William Kaufmann create some very beautiful, colorful pottery. They are from Hudson, WI., and the their shop name is LINDEN HILLS POTTERY. Visit their web page for more information on their show schedules, etc. These exhibitors seemed to be doing quite well with sales, both days of the show, and if you saw their work in person, you could see why. Below are several more photos of their work.

I strolled parts of the show and took several photos of other types of work represented on the show. Below you will see a wonderful fiber artist's dispaly, and a metal artist's work.



In summing up this year's 2008 Art Fair Off the Square show, I'd have to say it still continues to be one of my favorite shows to do! The other show sponsored by the Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople is their WINTER ART FESTIVAL on November 15 & 16th held in the beautiful Monona Terrace C0nvention Center building on Lake Monona, Madison, WI. I'm really looking forward to doing the show again this year.


Brandy said...

The fair looks like it was tons of fun. Too bad it's a bit far off for me to come and visit. Glad to hear even with the bad economy you still sold some of your little beauties.

belinha said...

Such a cool event!