Sunday, July 13, 2008


I find it interesting and fun to feature a variety of artists and Etsy shops, so today we are going to hear from Jen, of JEN'S CLOSET, whose shop is full of wonderful vintage items. Here, in Jen's own words, she tells us how she got interested in collecting and selling vintage items.

What motivated you to get into selling “vintage” items!
Actually, it's WHO motivated me to selling vintage items on daughter, Lindsey..who has three shops (she's closing the jewelry one soon), her main shop being deerlyneeded (jewelry supplies). I have always loved antiques and vintage, especially depression glass. When I found out my company was laying me off after being there over 20 years, my daughter suggested I open a shop! At that time, I did not even know how to download a picture to my computer! I've learned so much in so little time (since I opened my shop April 1, 2008..yes, that's right, April Fools Day!

Is there any category of vintage items that intrigues you the most?
Well, as I mentioned before, my favorite vintage item is depression glass, especially green and pink depression glass. You would not believe how many different patterns there are, and how many books there are on this subject! I have actually received the most help from other sellers of vintage on Etsy..they are a wonderful group!! Thank you to all of them!

What aspect of finding and selling vintage items do you find the most enjoyable?
Well, there's the shopping aspect, that's the best part...the hunt for great stuff! I have always had a fondness for shopping, but now it's even more fun! Seriously, every aspect of selling on Etsy is exciting to me! I have always loved wrapping gifts, my Mom left that job for me at when I ship an item out, you're receiving a lovely wrapped gift!

What vintage item would you love to find, that you haven’t already seen or sold?
I am always on the hunt for an eye-popping, popular retro item; something I knew will get lots of views, thus, more people viewing my entire shop! The cute retro things always get people the cute aqua vintage flash camera I have up right now! I had the cutest owl drinking glasses (owls are always a hit)..and I cannot believe how many views I received, until they finally sold!

What advice do you have for others in the selling or collecting of vintage items?Do research, love what you're selling...get together with the wonderful other vintage shops..and they will help you with questions, and motivate you! We have a riot on Thursday nights--the vintage vixens, you should check out our thread! We invite everyone!

What is the most interesting or exciting piece of vintage that you have found to date?
Oh gosh, the most interesting piece of vintage, that is seriously hard to answer, I cannot think of one thing that is the most interesting, because I truly love all of them! I did find these rare ultramarine swirl depression teacups and saucers that I have up in my shop right now, they are definitely interesting!

THANKS, Jen, for taking the time share your thoughts enthusiasm for collecting and selling vintage items. Be sure to visit JEN'S CLOSET to see all of her "finds"! There might just be one that you have been looking for. You may visit any of the items show below by clicking on the photo, which will take you directly to that item in Jen's shop. You may also click on the link below the photos to go directly to her shop.



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