Monday, July 28, 2008


I've been designing and creating these whimsical "fairy face" pins for almost 10 years now, and each one always ends up with her own unique face and personality! They make great conversation pieces, and the wearer is sure to receive a lot of compliments! I've had customers come back a couple years later, after having bought a pin or two at an art show, to tell me about all the compliments and comments they receive. I'd thought I'd share a few of the little fairies I now have available in my Etsy shop. They will all be going to an art show with me this weekend, so if you see one you like, you better grab her! They are colorful and fun to look at, and make unique, affordable gifts.

This colorful little fairy face has the most fun is an Italian yarn with all kinds of texture to it....loops, and poofs with a sparkle!
Swarovski crystals as her accents. A truly fun, accent for any outfit!

Now isn't she a "wild child" with her funky, multi-colored hairdo.
She is wearing a gold plated, filigree leaf charm with a teeny, tiny bumblebee dangling from it, and several Swarovski crystals at the top of the leaf .

I think of her as a little "blue bell" fairy face. She has a loopy, curly hairdo designed from an Italian yarn and it is accented witha silver plated leaf charm and Swarovski crystals

SO SWEET describes this little fairy face...with her deep mauve hairdo, which has a bit of sparkle to it. She is wearing a silk rose colored flower in her hair, which I accented with several Swarovski crystals

She is just one "glistening" little fairy with her sparkly AURA yarn hairdo, with Swarovski crystals as accents.

A VERY magical little fairy, you can wear whereever you go!

This little "green haired" fairy face is a bit more subdued then my usual wild haired creations. She has a very sweet little face! Her hairdo was designed from a soft, wispy Italian yarn which has bits of ribbon running through it. Her accent is a Swarovski crystal bead in silver, and several other Swarovski crystals.

There is a "free giveaway" now running throught August 14th for one of my "fairy face pins" with butterfly wings. There is still time to sign up for the drawing. To enter just click on the WEAR A FAIRY FACE PIN posted on the right hand column at the top of the page. Be sure tp stop back for a visit or subscribe to my DZFANTASY newsletter, as I always have a monthly FREE giveaway for one of my creations, and sometimes an extra drawing for one of my pins.

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