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Since more stories have been added to this special giveaway, I'm bumping it up to today, so more people may find it and enjoy reading the stories. Also, there is still time to turn in your "earth angel" story

For the month of JANUARY, 2009, I'm looking for people who are willing to share a story or experience about someone in their lives who has been or still is an "earth angel" to them. It can be someone whom you feel has either helped you or someone else in some "small or large" way. It could be a family member, a friend, a stranger, or perhaps even a pet who has been an "earth angel" to you at some point in your life. I know I have had many of them and still do.

There is so much negativity in the world today, that I think it would be very rewarding for people to take the time to think of someone who has had a "positive" impact on their lives, and to share it with other people.

For those people who are willing to send me a paragraph of "at least 25 words, or more" stating who they consider to be an "earth angel" in their life, and why, their name will be entered into a random drawing for a custom designed "angel" OR "fairy" in their choice of colors and style. The winner will be contacted by email, so please be sure to leave me a means of getting a hold of you. SCROLL DOWN for more information on how to enter.

By taking the time to participate, you will not only have a chance to help design your own "special angel or fairy", but you will be leaving a bit of positive energy out here for all to read!

I will be running this contest starting today, and for the full month of January. It will end on January 31, 2009, 12:oo Midnight.




I will post any entries sent to me, via email, out here in this JANUARY EARTH ANGEL post using first names only.

PLEASE NOTE: To be a VALID ENTRY, you must at least tell "who and why" you consider the person OR pet to be an "earth angel" to you.


Let's see how many positive stories we can get to read!! If you have ANY questions about this contest, please feel free to contact me at the email listed above.

Below are photos of several of the styles/designs of my angels or fairies that the winner will be able to choose from. NOTE: These photos are just examples. Winner will be able to select style and also choose fabric color, yarn for hair, and face color, etc.

3.5" High Sitting Butterfly Fairy

Above: 9" Wall Style Fairy (designed to hang on the wall or dance from a bit of ribbon)

6.5" Wall Style Fairy (This size fairy or angel is fun to hang from a bit of ribbon)

6.5" Wall Style Angel (note the angel wings vs the fairy wings in the one above)

4.5" High Sitting Angel


kendra22 said...

wonderful work !! I have an earth angel that has been an amazing friend this past year ! Luv her!


This entry was sent to me via email from Pat in California: THANKS PAT FOR SHARING!

My sister Sue is two years older than I (we're both approaching
seventy). Sue was my first friend. We held hands during our growing-
up years in a stress-filled household. Later we encouraged one
another through years of marriage and rearing families. Today our
bond remains strong and we both enjoy the reality that we became
women who help others as we maintain our self-reliance and financial
independence. Most of all we've learned that we're responsible for
our own contentment.

My sister Sue is my Earth Angel and if I'd be so lucky as to win I'd
send the prize to her.


This entry was sent to me via email from Chris: Thanks for sharing Chris!

I consider my two daughters to be my Earth Angels. They have given me such purpose and conviction in life. I never knew I could love someone so strongly. All my actions are them they teach me to smell the roses every day.


This entry was sent to me by Mary from Ohio: Thanks Mary for sharing!

My Earth Angel has to be my husband. He is always there when I need him


This entry was sent to me via an email from Joyce. THANKS JOYCE FOR TAKING THE TIME TO SHARE!

My nomination is for Pat. She has struggled with addictions, but has now maintained a sober/drug-free life. She is truly an inspiration to all those around her.

Pat is such a jovial person, for what she has been through! She is a "greeter" (her job--for no wages) at an AA meeting place, here in Madison.

She has been a real inspiration in my life....I pick her up for church every Sunday, and even through her struggles, she keeps smiling, and laughing! She is a true friend to the women (who are also struggling) at Porchlight.

A few weeks ago, she gave her testimony at her baptismal service where we attend church. I've known her maybe 20 years, and had NO idea about some of the things she mentioned!!! It just caused me to have even more respect and admiration of her.


We are off to a good start in sharing the "earth angels" in our lives. Keep them coming, and a big "thank you" to all!



This entry was sent to me, via email, by Linda in Canada. THANKS LINDA!

My sister, Sandra is my Earth Angel.

My sister was there when i needed her in my life.I needed a blood transfusion two years ago and she matched my blood type so she gave blood so I could live.

She is my advisor,the person I look up to and respect,my angel guardian,my mother's child, my earth angel.

janet said...

My ex-husband left me one day without warning taking every bit of money we had leaving me with a dollar in my wallet. With no means of support from any source I was left to die for 2 yrs as our divorce lasted that long. I lost everything. My health, My inheritance, My home, My friends, My dog, everything and everyone was gone. I was left alone, hungry and dying with each passing day. My only salvation and hope was God. I never stopped believing and praying for help. Even during the bleakest hours. God answered my prayers. It came in the form of a man named Michael. He saved my life by giving me shelter, food, and most important Love. He is a real life Earth Angel.


This entry was sent to me, via email, by Leanne of California. Thanks, Leanne.

My darling daughter, Cricket is my "earth angel".

Cricket is our caboose baby. All her brothers and sisters are grown. She keeps my husband and I young through her love of life and radiant, sunny personality. Each day with her is a gift and a little bit of heaven on earth.


This entry was sent to me by Rose.
Thanks Rose!

My mother is my earth angel - because she is always there for me no matter what - I am truly blessed.

Sue S said...

I met a homeless man a few days before Christmas. I was driving from my recently burned out apartment in Baltimore. Ever since the fire I've been feeling pretty beaten down, ready to throw my hands up and give up. This man was begging for money at a light. I'm broke more than I ever have been because of the fire. I never, and I mean never give homeless money on the street (I donate through organizations). I don't know why buy I reached in my back pocket and pulled out some bills, rolled my window down and he came over. He reached for the money and held my hand and noticed it was covered in paint. He said, "you're working hard, it'll be ok." At that moment looking in his happy eyes I knew everything would be fine. Now, you can call him just some guy or you can call him an angel. But, I prefer the later.

Sandi Brown said...

I don't want to give some long winded sob story about my life but to put it mildly ~ it's been a rough one. There were and still are many times when I get so distraught and disappointed in myself or someone else in my life that I feel like giving up. Well, 3 & 1/2 years ago my unwed daughter announced she was expecting and I was so worried that she wouldn't be able to handle being a good mother (she was still in the "Me, Me" stage of her life. But when my beautiful grandson, Hunter was born he ignited a small light in my heart that I speak to when I get upset now. He and I have a very special, close relationship and I don't know what I ever did without him. He is definitely my Earth Angel and I love him dearly. (by the way, my daughter surprises me everyday at what a terrific mother she is, I'm very proud of her).


This entry was sent to me, via email, by JoAnne. Thanks for taking the time to share, JoAnne.

The person I consider to be my "earth angel" would have to be my younger sister. She has looked up to me as her "big sister" all of her life, but, in reality, it is I who very much relies on her. I have been through much strife and divorces in my life, and she has always been there for me. She is my rock, and never judges me any differently, no matter what the outcome. I would be a very lost person without her.

Donna Prince, Ms said...

My 6yr old son has complicated epilepsy.He has taught us all how precious life really is!He has over 100,000 seizures from 12-24 months of age.He has 9 different types of seizures and he is always a happy full of life little guy.He doesn't let his problems get him down.He has gross and fine motor delays,speech delays,cognitive delays,and sensory deficit.He is my living hero!Even through all the shots,meds,medical testing,etc. he still shines! is how to reach me. Thank you!


Thanks, Donna for sharing your "earth angel" with us. Your son sounds like a beautiful soul!


Anonymous said...

I have been blessed with mighty flocks of earth angels: my mother, my mother-in-law, my sisters, my daughters, my granddaughters, my aunts and add to them my father, my father-in-law, my brothers, my grandsons, my uncles and oodles of great friends and neighbors. There will never be THNKS enough!


This first "earth angel" story for 2009 was sent to me, via email, by PAULETTE. Thanks for sharing!

My earth angel was always around me and I never even knew it. I had this Aunt Molly who since has passed.

Whenever she was around me there was always this feeling of calm. When she died, my Uncle Joe, her husband was all alone. They had no children, but yet were the parents of every child born within our extended family. Aunt Molly watched everyone's child while they went off to work. The one thing that amazed me about my Aunt was the fact she never complained or spoke ill of anyone. As I got closer to Uncle Joe I would always ask him what was Aunt Molly really like, did she ever complain did she ever get depressed or feel upset that she was not blessed with children? His answer was always the same. "Your Aunt was an angel in the truest sense, she loved life and everyone in it."

He went on to explain how she looked at only the good in each soul she came across, and she always felt that she was sent here from the heaven's above to help and show love to everyone she met.

I became closer to Uncle Joe not only to help him through his grief, but to learn more about Aunt Molly, the more my Uncle Joe talked about my Aunt and told me how she lived her life, the more I wanted to be like her. This woman was truly an earth angel. An angel that taught us all about giving.

Now I know Aunt Molly was my earth angel, but I never knew it until she was gone.

jenny said...

wow i must say every thing as well as the earth angel is just to cute and well please enter me info this thanks

ikkinlala said...

My Earth Angel is my dad. He's one of the most helpful and generous people I know, and he understands my weird sense of humour better than most people do.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

MJ said...

My Earth Angel is Dr. Freels. Thanksgiving weekend 2007, my 18 year old son shot himself in the foot with a shotgun. I was spending the night with my sick Mom about 10 miles from home. At 3:30 am, hubby called me from the hospital to meet him there. When I arrived, I was told they would have to amputate at the knee. There was a hole as big as my fist through the middle of his foot. They were prepping him to go to a larger hospital 30 miles away.
When we got to the other hospital, the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Freels, said he would debris it first, but he would probably amputate it the next day. We were distraught. This was our football playing, baseball playing hunter son. After the first surgery for debrising, the dr. came out and said he may be able to save his heel so that he would be able to walk some. But, he added that he had heard a surgeon at Duke speak once at a conference and that if anyone could save my son's foot, that is where we should go (if the 2nd surgeon would even accept the case.)
The reason I choose Dr. Freels as my Earth Angel is that:
1. He knew and admitted his limited skill in this area.
2.He didn't hesitate to reccomend someone else.
3. He made all of the arrangemnets with the 2nd surgeon.
4. He called me after we got to Duke to check up on us.
5. He continues to follow my son's progress.
My son who was (even after the 1st surgery at Duke) supposed to be in a wheelchair for 18 months with no weight on his foot, just finished his first semester back at college. He was walking only 8 weeks after his first Duke surgery!

Sorry, this is soooo long. I left out alot of the details. We were blessed that this dr. was on call that night!!!

pal1 said...

My "earth angel" was an older woman who worked with me. At one point I was having health problems and was taking care of my invalid mother. She would let me vent and get everything out of my system without making me feel like I was whining. I always felt better afterwards and she was always my angel.


This entry was sent to me via email from BrendaLea. THANKS, BrendaLea for taking the time to share your "earth angels".

I actually have two Earth Angels.

The first is my now 14 year old Grandson. If it wasn't for him, I probably would not be alive today.
Two days before he was born I had arthroscopic knee surgery and ended up with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy)
and have been in pain ever since the anesthesia wore off. And the first couple of years I was in a wheelchair as the
RSD spread from my left knee and encompasses the majority of my body. Not a day, hour or even minute goes by that I am not in pain. And since have been diagnosed with Asthma and Lupus as well. I digress....My Grandson has always been there for me. He spends most of his time at my house. When I am having a bad day he wants to come over and take care of me. But that is not why he is my Earth Angel. He is my Angel
because whenever I have thought about ending all the pain, I think of him and know that I have to be here or him as he is here for me. So he has saved my life.

The other Earth Angel is a stranger, I have no idea who they are, or where this person lives. But for the past three years I have received these anonymous
cards in the mail. No return address, no signature or anything written in the card. There is no signature, and they usually arrive or my birthday, Thanksgiving
and Christmas. But this year I also received one in September just 2 days after my Mother (who was my best friend) passed away. And several of these
cards have contained a $100 dollar bill. Usually just when I needed that extra money to help pay a bill or buy my Garndsons a gift. I just wish this angel would let me
know who they are.

Thanks for listening,

Anonymous said...

My "Earth Angel" is my grandaughter Savannah. Shes is the most unselfish kind and helpfull a person can be for 11 years old. I have suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for some time and she comes to my home every weekend and spends every school break and summer with me to take care of me and at a time where she should be enjoying her friends and just being a girl she with out complaint spends that time careing for me by her own choice. Last summer i had surgery on my spine which put my fibro into a bad flare up and she stayed by my side as I spent months in bed . She and I have a physic ability that runs on the maternal side of the family and we can communicate with out speaking a word aloud. Shes is an awsome child filled with love and she really appreciates her guardian angel and mine. The January angel looks extreemly like her angel with the exception of the hair color being a bit lighter. I cant wait to show her this picture. She will very much appreciate it. I would love to win it for her as a thank you for her unselfish kindness & help she gives to me! It is breathtaking! Becky Medvetz 118 West Glendale ave. Bedfor Ohio 44146

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This entry was sent to me via email by Retia. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with everyone.

Hi my name is Retia and I am 56 yrs old with many health problems and I have to let you know that the stories I have read are really great.

To see so many earth angels just reafirms my belief that there are angels amoung us, so here is mine.

I have 3 children, but my oldest daughter is my angel. She is there for me in my darkest moments. She is the rock of my family even though she has a family of her own and has had some very rough times lately.

She is always there for me. My daughter, Kimberly is 33 with two teenage daughters, the oldest we almost lost two years ago to a appendex that had turned to gangreen, but she made it thru and just turned seventeen, Kim's youngest just this past Christmas had major back surgery (she is only 13) but is doing great,and will soon be 14. Thru all this, Kim has coped with her brother trying to commet sucide(twice).. he lives with me and helping me with my mother (83) who also lives with me. Kimberly is a very strong person in her own way and I don't think I would be able to ever love her enough for all she has done for me. The things I have told you is just the recent support and love I have received from my Angel.

I could write you a book about the things she has done for all of our family. Thanks for listening to my story about my Angel

klp1965 said...

our kids kayla,sierra and jordan are my husbands and my angels.we lost our oldest daughter ashley in 2004 and if it was not for them my husband and i would have never made it through these last 5 years.they are the reason we keep going


This entry was sent to me by Karen via email. Thanks, Karen, for taking the time to share this lovely story.

I love your Blog, and this idea of sending a positive story brings one in my mind that I will never forget!

I have always had dogs, and at the time this happened I had a Yellow Lab , that died suddenly at only 5 1/2 years old. All I had left was a Dachshund named Michael which was about 9 years old, two months before that we lost our other Dachshund Megan, she was 16 years old. So the day Isabella, the Lab, died suddenly, Michael was so upset that he hid all day. He had always lived with terrible epileptic seizures that had gotten so bad the Vet had to put him on medicine. I knew it was only a matter of time when he would have a seizure because of the stress of losing his best friend, and two weeks later he did. It was the worst one he had ever had, and I prayed out loud for God to help him, that I couldn't lose another dog. And what happened next changed my life forever, Isabella, whom was deceased, shook and you could hear her skin flap, and Michael was the first to hear it. I was holding him trying to help him and praying when Michael raised his head and tried to see Isabella, and then it happened again. Michael came out of the seizure very fast considering it was so bad. And when he did he looked for her, and from that day on he never had another seizure, and I even took him off the medicine. He went on to live until he was almost 16 and lived a normal doggy life! One day the vet asked me why I didn't give him the meds anymore, and I had to tell him what happened. He admitted that he couldn't explain everything, and looked at Michael saying "Michael, you've got a friend in Heaven"
Hope you enjoyed the story!


This entry was sent to me via email by Kim. Thanks Kim!

My daughter is my Earth Angel. Not only does she keep me grounded, she makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

my fiance is my earth angel...he's better to me than anyone.

adrnlize at aol dot com

lilyk said...

My friend is my earth angel. He's always been there for me with a smile and a kind word. He means the world to me!


Anonymous said...

i dont know if i have an earth angel and i think im a very good person so i wont to know how do i know if i have one or not anybody if you can help please e-mail me at thank you so much!!!


ps. dont mind the e-mail i had it since i was in six grade=]