Saturday, January 17, 2009


It is hard to believe, but it is already time to think once again about what art shows to enter for 2009! The applications are coming in, and it is time to make a decision of what shows are going to be the best ones to do this year!!

With show fees continually going up, and higher prices on gas, and slower sales....artists need to make selective choices on which shows they feel are going to work the best for them. I know I am.

I used to do about 14 shows a year, and over the past several years have cut down to doing only about 7. This year it may be even less.

Over the years, I have found it best to try different shows out for myself, instead of relying on what another artist or artists may say are good shows for them. What may be a good or not so good show for one type of artist, might work well for another.

If possible, it is usually a good idea to visit a show you are considering doing before actually applying for it. Get a "feel" for what is going on at the show....are there a lot of people attending, does it appear that people are buying, or just "looking", what is the quality of the art being exhibited, do the exhibitors look "happy"?

Below you will find contact information to find out about art/craft shows in Wisconsin and other areas of the USA.

You can search this directory for listings of Art/Craft shows in Wisconsin, by month. It will give you information on each show listed and also who to contact, etc.

Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Crafters (WAAC)

WAAC has two great shows, which I've done for several years. One is their summer show in Madison, WI, and the other is their Winter Show in Madison. Click on the link above to learn moe about this organization and their shows.

Photo of WAAC Winter Show (before it opened) at the

Monona Terrace Convention Center 2008

Below are other links or contact information for shows in areas surrounding Wisconsin.

Illinois Arts Council
James R. Thompson Center100 W. Randolph, Suite 10-500Chicago, IL 60601312-814-6750
No charge.

Indiana Division of TourismOne N. Capitol, Suite 700Indianapolis, IN 462041-888-ENJOY-IN
No charge (Festival and Events Guide).

Iowa Division of TourismDepartment of Economic Development200 E. Grand AvenueDes Moines, IA 503091-888-472-6035
No charge (Calendar of Events).

Fairs and Festivals can be found on the website.

Midwest Art Fairs

PO Box 72Pepin, WI
$15.95/yr., published in February and August.

There are also other ART/CRAFT Show Resource listings out on the web where you can search using different criteria to find listings by state, mediums (Fine Art, Crafts, Country Crafts, Photography, and more). Some of these sites give you basic listing information for free others charge a subscription rate, etc.


On this site you can search for listings by STATE, then Month, Day, Year and categories: Fine Art, Fine Crafts, Country Crafts, Prints, Lithographs and more


This site covers Northeast states and provides links to resources for other states. They also have Tips and Tricks articles, Rate a Show, List a Show, and other links. A 1 year subscription is $40.00


$34.95 yr. subscription


This site says it covers events in 17 Western states. It has a $48.95/yr. subscription rate.


This site is a new one I just found, and for a $12.00 yearly email subscription, you get all sorts of information relating to show listings, and more. Might be worth checking it out.

I will be posting more art and craft show resource links here, as I find them. If anyone has some good ones, be sure to leave them here in a comment!

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