Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It has already been TOO LONG of a winter here in Wisconsin....so I'm keeping myself busy creating new fairies and thinking of spring!!

This is my latest design, which I just finished creating for our daughter to hang on her living room wall next to a beautfiul large photo of a hibiscus flower in the same colors!

The fairy is the largest of my fantasy figures, and she measures 15" tall before sculpting her into her sitting position. She is a butterfly fairy, with large wings in the shape of butterfly wings.

The leaf is also the largest I have ever made, and is 100% silk, which I hand-dyed. The leaf is about 18" long and a 6.5" wide, at its widest point.

I had such fun making this one I think I just might have to make another!


FairiesNest said...

I'm with you...dreaming of Spring!

The Muse said...

She certainly says Spring!....
And i am soooo ready!!!

many thanks...yes oh so many for your COMMENT KINDNESS...on the CANCER COMMENT DRIVE :)

You raised your voice and that means everything!